Friday, August 21, 2015

A few random pictures from everyday life

Oliver's 'new' trucks he got at from the neighbor's garage sale. They didn't sell them so he bought them for some of his 'pennies'

Not to self, don't leave that cupboard open.........

Amelia BEGGING to go outside.....Then yelling at the big kids for being outside without her.

First pic of what I am sure will be many to come of these two sisters playing together.

Father's and Sons

Every June our ward does a father's and son's campout. All the dads with boys take their sons camping and get dirty and play with fire (or so I am told, I have never been).

Bryan took Oliver straigh from work around lunch time. Oliver was really confused as to why Elizabeth wasn't coming camping and asked Bryan to come home a couple times.
An illustration of boys playing with fire.

Oliver tried to go to sleep really early....but didn't end up sleeping.

Later when he did go to sleep he left his headlamp on for a night light

The coma produced by not enough sleep, too much junk food and the right amount of fun.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Once there was a Snowman

We got dumped on Mother's day morning and  had enough to make a giant snowman.

Poor guy melted into a puddle within a day.


Our friends cut down our tree for us and as a family for family home evening we chopped and stacked the wood. The kids were in charge of the small sticks and mom and dad handled the big stuff.

We asked Oliver to go in the house and get his shoes.... and Bryan caught him coming out in Bryan's shoes......
from the back

Oh, that face!

How gorgeous are these babies of mine? Oh and look at that stack of wood back there

Golden Sunday Afternoons

Every once in a while among the crazy wrestling that happens during church on Sunday we have a 'golden Sunday afternoon' when we get to spend time as a family and really enjoy each other.
Bryan decided to paint with the kids and they thought they had hit the jackpot.
All of them painting together.

Look at the joy in his face

Contemplating great art

brush painting turns into finger painting

Mom and Amelia doing our own thing

Our friends came over and Madisen got sucked into reading book after book after book.
 And as usual another Sunday we got into our pajamas as fast as we possibly could and played with legos

 and Elizabeth loves to feed Amelia for as long as Amelia will sit still.

 We also read lots of books and the Friend magazine, and if I am lucky I get snuggles while we do it.

And Amelia stands for the first time. Lookout world

The cutest kids

Enough Said.


I love to celebrate Easter with my family every year. It is an amazing reminder of the love that our Father in Heaven for each of us. The sacrifice of our Savior, and the promise that comes through His Resurrection.
This year for Easter we learned about the Savior and the Resurrection for the whole week leading up to easter. We read scriptures and we did an easter egg hunt but left one egg empty so that we could talk about what an empty egg can remind them of. Both Oliver and Elizabeth got to the point where they would open an Easter egg and if it was empty they would say, "This is like Jesus and the tomb" It made me so happy to help them remember the real meaning of Easter outside of eggs and candy and bunnies. Our friend Lorrie also dropped off buckets (literally) of goodies for everyone in the family. She always remembers us on holidays.
I also made the kids easter outfits per our annual tradition. Amelia's outfit was an utter bomb, so I had to resort to using the adorable outfit Grandma Heiner sent in the mail in a huge package for the kids. I was sure grateful to have that as a back up.

The kids woke up to hidden easter baskets (which was a tradition in Bryan's family). The had to find them to get their treats.

Elizabeth's dress, Oliver's pants and tie are all homemade.

A picture of all of them together, just maybe not all of them looking or caring ;)

March is for parks and walks and bikes

This year, March was unseasonably warm. We went on lots of walks and bike rides and played outside a whole bunch.

Elizabeth riding her bike, isn't she stylin'?

the mountain climber

Oliver running away from Elizabeth

Amelia loving the swing

Elizabeth also learned how to make PBJ sandwiches
Notice the "tongue of concentration"

Oliver cleaning up the mess
 The last week in March we happened upon an easter egg hunt happening in one of the local parks, the kids got to help hide and find the eggs.
My grandpa would be disappointed in the lack of hunting in this 'hunt'

This is more like the Roberts egg hunt

So happy to be here

She was so excited

And a picture with the creeepy easter bunny in his creepy vest.

Did I mention the kids got a power wheels jeep from one of our friends? The LOVE it! they drive it all the time and would drive it more if we would let them.

Amelia's first time in the sand, she isn't sure what to think about it.