Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Elizabeth had a birthday! Shout Hooray

Elizabeth is 4....where did that time go? I remember when she was just a little tiny baby and cant believe she is turning into such a helpful, loving, kind big sister.
The day before her birthday, Bryan was talking about going to work and Elizabeth said, "But Dad, it's my birthday, you have to stay home." Apparently we set that as a tradition without even knowing it...but I guess he stayed home for everyone elses birthday this year so it fit. 
When she woke up we asked her what she wanted to do on her birthday and she said she wanted to ride the train and go to chik-fil-a for lunch. We went and rode the light rail as a family

Bryan showed them how to punch their tickets and the only did that aobut 20 times each :)

At the station we rode the train to, there was a tunnel with these lights. As you walked by them they made a noise that together sounded like a piano. They were really fun and we almost missed our train because we played them for so long.
 After the train we went and had lunch and then did naps and dinner. We had cake with Lorrie and Jordan. Elizabeth requested a castle cake, but then she changed her mind and asked for a frozen cake. So I made a cake and frosted it white and put some Anna and Elsa dolls on the top. She didn't know it but she made my life WAY easier.
Lorrie spoiled her rotten with a Frozen lunch box full of frozen puzzles and bubbles and stickers, and a Frozen pillow.

Oliver gave her a pony from the dollar store and she still thinks it's pretty special
We gave her something...but I can't remember. I can't believe what a big girl she is turning into.
Lately she:
-loves the color orange. she even made up a song about how Elizabeth loves orange.
-dances like crazy. She constantly asks for music so that she can dance and show me her new moves.
-loves to color and draw.
-eats almost constantly if I let her.
-yogurt is still her favorite food with just a touch of honey.
-wears dresses and leggings almost constantly. She loves to twirl and pants just don't have the same effect.
-has been memorizing scriptures and articles of faith like crazy.
-picks her nose :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Candy Cane Festival

In December, we heard on the radio that K-Love, the Christian Rock station we listen to, was doing a free Christmas Candy Cane festival at the Hammond's Candy Cane factory. We thought it would be worth a shot to head up there for the day. We left later than we thought (go figure, since we have 3 kids to get out the door) but the kids still had a good time.

Elizabeth's favorite is always the blow-up slide

Oliver took it backwards

Amelia was not impressed

The Strong mad competition

They had free cotton candy....and of course Oliver was a sticky blue monster by the end
While fun, this was a reminder for us why we mostly don't do free things with kids. There were a billion and one kids there and no one was directing them, and all of the fun things advertised were NOT free. But overall the kids had a great time and we made some fun family memories together.

Thanksgiving 2014

This year for Thanksgiving we went to Utah to visit family. A couple years ago when Bryan and I first moved to Denver, Tara and Brad came out to visit us so we wouldn't be lonely for Thanksgiving. So this year we went to see them for their first Thanksgiving in their beautiful new house. Before trekking it down to St George we went to the Salt Lake area for a few days to see Bryan's family. Bryan drove with the older two and let me fly with Amelia all.by.myself. It was amazing.
Then we stayed with Nicole and all of the kids had a blast together. I think Anna and Julia were ready to have their house back by the time we left, but there was only one day were they even fought a little bit. (also I have a whole bunch more pictures of this on my phone and haven't figured out in my brain how to add them.)

This is where Nicole spent most of her days while we were there, because we like to eat...like a lot. and everything she made was delicious!

I LOVE this Julia face...and this Julia

The WHOLE Heiner crew. They are great!
When we headed to St George, we seriously lacked in the picture department, but we still had an awesome time. We are glad we made the trip.