Tuesday, November 18, 2014

As the sun rises

I was about to go running when I took this picture. The sun was rising and it was so beautiful I had to try to catch it.

The best of friends

Elizabeth and Oliver are such good friends. I hope as they grow up that they don't grow our of it.

This is Halloween

Out whole little family on Halloween. Bryan as the wood cutter, Amelia as a carrot for sick Granny, me, Elizabeth as Red Riding Hood and Oliver as the Wolf. I love getting all dressed up as a family.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

pictures from Bryan's phone

All 3 kids by size, aren't they cuties?

Oliver in his Daniel and the lion's den mask

Elizabeth and her Daniel and the lions den mask

At the pool this summer. Elizabeth had begged and begged to go all summer but pregnant momma wasn't about to take her and Bryan doesn't really like the pool all that much so we had to wait until the last possible minute to take her before it closed. It was only like 65 degrees that day but we toughed it out.

Oliver joined us later and we played with all the sprinklers on the play equipment.

Elizabeth's awesome nightgown that she got from aunt Tara.

Elizabeth is our "Assistant Choir Director" and leads with Erica every Sunday.

Castlewood Canyon hike around Labor Day. Bryan's parents came with us too. It was WAY longer than we remembered and the kids did great but were for sure exhausted by the end.

Sometimes Elizabeth dresses herself. Princess nightgown, heart sweatshirt and Santa hat in September.

The kids like to use this cooler as a wagon, and can you really blame them? Bryan was cleaning out the shed and they jumped right on in.

Look at this smiley girl! She is sooo precious. This was at our in between sessions picnic on General Conference Sunday.

Care selfie after family pictures.

Bryan on a trip to Montana. Can you believe how pretty this is?

and this?

On the train at the zoo with the kids after being gone for a week. They were SO excited.

One of Bryan's co-workers recently left the Bureau here in Denver so they made him a Montana sized belt buckle as a going away present