Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Watch me grow- Amelia 4 months

Wow, Amelia is 4 months old! I can't believe it has been that long. Her stats this month are:
Height: 24.75 inches (75%)
Weight: 14.4 lbs (50%)
Head: 42 inches (90%)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy birthday Bryan

Bryan turned 31 a few weeks ago. He got to stay home from work because it was also a federal holiday. We went to cabelas and looked at the animals, got donuts for breakfast and went to a movie without the kids. Then had cake. I didn't get many pictures on that day but did get one when we used his present that Friday to go the symphony. It was awesome and we decided to make it a tradition to go every October for our anniversary.

Elizabeth loves Amelia

Elizabeth can't get enough of her baby sister and Amelia feels pretty much the same about Elizabeth. Elizabeth reads her books and sings to her and always wants to hold her.

Book fort

The kids have been using the books to make book forts lately. Or book mountains, or book camp fires. It is pretty adorable.

Sometimes i let Elizabeth dress herself

And then she adds polka dot boots to her outfit, and I even let her go out in public. It was a big step for me

Nanas are for reading books

They wanted yo trade costumes

So I let them go a minute.

If mom and dad cant hear you

Because one is running the leaf blower and one is running the air compressor, you just push a chair over and get yourself a drink.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Family Pictures

We used my new camera to do our family pictures. I took the pictures of the kids and then our friend Lorrie took the family pictures for us. I like them ok, just wish Oliver and Amelia would smile and the kids would look at the camera for family pictures.
Serious face

"teeny tiny bug"

Best friends

Sweet, usually smiley, Amelia

Cute family, tongues and all

Cheezy Elizabeth

Heiner girls

Sunday, October 19, 2014

This week- October 13-19, 2014

Monday was Bryan's birthday and Columbus day. Hooray for columbus who has a day that often falls on Bryan's birthday so he gets to be home from work. We didn't really do anything special except we went on an afternoon date to Meet the Mormons movie. We thought it was good and was a great reminder that each of us has a purpose to fulfill in this life. Then we had ice cream cake for Bryan's dinner with Lorrie and Jordan.
Tuesday My friend Becky and her kids Abby, Aaron and Naomi came over to play. It was so nice because we have so many values in common that it is great to get together and reinforce each other. Then that night my friend Richelle came over to watch Hello Dolly for the first time. I don't know if she loved it as much as I always do but it was nice to hang out, and we made caramel popcorn so that's always good. Before we watched the movie I worked with Elizabeth on her reading. It has really been a challenge for me to be able to teach her so we don't do it on a regular basis. She is starting to really pick it up, though so I think we are going to try and be more consistent.
Wednesday we dropped Bryan off at the airport. It was nice to have him around for breakfast. I thought about going to park day but then turned around and saw the MOUNTAIN of laundry in my room so we stayed home to do that. 10 loads folks, that's what happens when I don't do laundry from Friday to Tuesday (I started a few loads on Tuesday). Ugh. Then Rachelle Harris came over, I bribed her with Pizza and apple pie, and helped me get everything done before mutual that night. Our friend James Christensen came over to sit with the kids while I was gone and Elizabeth made him play EVERY kid game we had in the house....3 times. He was a good sport.
Thursday we were supposed to hang out with friends but our plans fell through so we ended up going to the park by ourselves and kind of late in the day. I had my first pretty sad park moment as a mom as I watched 10 kids tell Elizabeth they didn't want to play with her. One by one she asked a new kid and one by one they turned her down. I was about to give up and go home, buying ice cream for all of us on the way, when a little girl finally agreed to play with her. Our friend Lorrie was there and told me I needed to ask the kids for her, but I wanted Elizabeth to learn. It was pretty hard.  I had book club that night so after I got the kids in bed I rushed around like a mad woman to make my house presentable.
Friday morning we got up early, had a quick breakfast, packed lunch and headed to the airport to pick up Bryan. The kids had requested the day before that he come to the zoo with us so he took the afternoon off and we went to the zoo. It was fun as usual, but there were too many people for Bryan and after a few hours he was tired of weaving in and out of human traffic to find Oliver. We got home and all took naps then our friend Stacie came over to watch the kids while Bryan and I went to the symphony, for his birthday. It was a little bit of a different performance since the conductor delved in and explained Bethoven's 5th symphony in between movements. But wow, it convinced me that I want Elizabeth to play the violin.
Saturday was a lazy day and we mostly hung out with each other and with Lorrie and Jordan. Amelia did poop on me when i got her out of her carseat, though we aren't sure how it happened since there was NOTHING in her diaper.
Today was stake conference. We went to the stake center, i'll admit it a little late, and there were no seats anywhere so we had to put the kids back in the car and go to the other building. We made it for the last hour but about 20 minutes from the end, Elizabeth turns to me in a very loud voice and says "I'm tired of this boring meeting, mom". Yes the people all around us heard her and they all laughed. She is hilarious right now. Bryan just put her to bed and when he headed upstairs she said to him, "boo yah! you laid the hammer down" which is a phrase we often use when we are joking about disciplining.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Watch me Grow- Oliver 2 years

Oliver turned 2! his stats are:
Weight: 30.12 pounds
Height: 35.25 in
Head: 49.5

Oliver is 2!, where did the time go? Now Oliver is:-talking up a storm. His first sentence was "My Burfday toming up" (My birthday coming up.) He has started to run inside every time he goes outside and says "Doggie Barking" Oliver is even a parrot sometimes and repeats everything you say. He has a hard time with his Y's at the beginning of words so when he says yes it sounds like "ets"-He is still a pretty darn good eater. If it's waffles he eats 3, if it's oatmeal, he eats 2 cups, fruit, unlimited and even vegetables and meat. This kid is ALWAYS hungry and is probably just gonna continue to eat me out of house and home.-climbing all over everything. I often come downstairs and find him on the top of the couch or counter.-"reading". He will look at books by himself for hours at a time. He loves the library and loves the books from the library. lately he has been steering towards airplane, train, car and construction books.-into EVERYTHING! I just think I have our house Oliver proofed and then he gets into something else. He always keeps us on our toes.