Sunday, September 28, 2014

Watch me grow- Amelia 3 months

Amelia is 3 months! We sure love her.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Brent's ranch

Last weekend Bryan and I decided to head to one of his co worker's ranch near Kenosha Pass. Brent has worked with Bryan from day one and has been somewhat of a mentor to Bryan. He owns a beautiful ranch set back in the mountains that would make any mountain lover jealous. There is a pond just in front of his cabin and he has a paddle boat and canoe to paddle around in. There are also several meadows that he mows and grazes his horses on. He has 6 friendly and gorgeous horses that we got to meet and had so much fun feeding. He also has a stream running through his property with a bunch of beaver dams so of course Bryan took the kids fishing and they caught quite a few. Elizabeth and Oliver loved it.

Breckinridge and Kenosha Pass

A few weekends ago I decided we needed to go to the mountains to make sure we saw the leaves before they all fell down. We ended up going to Breckinridge and riding the Gondola (I call it the sick-ola because it made me super motion sick) and then continued on to Kenosha pass and went on a short hike before we headed home. On the way to Breckinridge we had to stop at a local college so I could feed Amelia and Bryan and the kids meandered down to the stream to throw in some rocks and stay busy while Amelia ate.
Bryan and Oliver by the stream

Amelia eating her hand

Bryan and Oliver throwing rocks

Elizabeth heading to get more rocks for the boys.

Elizabeth in the Gondola

Me and Amelia

Oliver (not so sure about the gondola)

The view at the bottom of the gondola

The whole family.

The kids at the start of the hike. This hike is on the Colorado trail and we just did a half mile or so.

Oliver and Elizabeth shaking the leaves off of the tree.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

This week so far

Monday started with an early wake up and weigh in for our 8 week weight loss challenge. Bryan and I are not on top. Since I am competitive I decided to step it up from now on. I got up early and exercised and made breakfast before the kids woke up, I need to do tat more often it was great.
I started to post pictures from our Saturday drive in the mountains but ended up postponing that until later. One of my friends posted on our ward Facebook group that she was headed to the park, so even though we needed groceries, we went to the park for a while. Then after an hour we headed yo the grocery store. We started at Walmart with a cart that carried all three kiddos. It was great, except I had a Walmart employee remind me that they deliver...or I could do curbside pick up. That happens pretty much every time we go there these days so I just say thanks and move on.
Then after Walmart we were headed home and Elizabeth asked to have lunch in the car, so I ran in and made E and O sandwiches then unloaded he cold stuff while they ate. Then we went to king soopers to get produce, and free cookies of course. Then headed home for naps. Then we had chicken salad for dinner when Bryan got home and he took the kids for a walk while I cleaned up.
When they got home, Lorrie and Jordan came over for FHE and Elizabeth gave the lesson on Jonah and the whale. "Jonah didn't want to go to Ninevah so he got on a boat for Trash*t..." Yep hilarious.
Then bed for kiddos.
Tuesday we cleaned house. Part of why we cleaned up was because Elizabeth pulled the curtain rod down in the play room. We picked up and vacuumed, did a little laundry and played then naps. When Bryan got home we went to Lowe's and Elizabeth used all her piggy bank money(and some of mom's money) to buy a new curtain rod. When we got home it was bedtime and then we had the sister missionaries over for a member lesson. Then we did the budget while I watched a civil war documentary.
Yesterday I took the kids to the zoo. I used to be able to get there by 10 no problem but these days we are lucky to make it by 11. Yesterday there was a bunch of traffic so we took a while to get there and then Amelia had to eat so we ate lunch in the car while she nursed then headed out. We took our time since it was just us and went to see a shoe where the kids could touch a make and an alligator. It was pretty cool. We also went to the Elephant show and saw the lions when they were awake. It was lots of fun to just GI at pur own pace. We got home and had hamburgers and roasted sweet potatoes for dinner then Bryan handled bedtime with all 3 kids so I could go to mutual. It was a family history activity which are my least favorite. I love family history, just not doing it in a big group with the youth. But I think there were a few successes.
Today we made pancakes and then the kids played outside while I worked out. I prefer to do that before they wake up but sometimes I would rather sleep. Then we played in the sandbox and swings while Amelia napped. Then I vacuumed so the kids could play and made lunch. After lunch everyone took a nap for about 30 minutes before Amelia woke up still tired. Now I am trying to decide what to do for dinner and then later tonight I have book club

Saturday, September 13, 2014

One bite

We are driving to the mountains and I opened a cheese stick for myself. Oliver sees and asked for "one bite" so I handed it him and he proceeds to put the cheese stick into his mouth and had just "one bite" and handed it back to me. He put of 80% of the cheese stick into his mouth.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Elizabeth sings in the car.

She makes up songs all the time but was lucky enough to catch it.

Elizabeth sings:

Munchkins in my bed

Yesterday I left Amelia in my bed while I showered. When I came out of the bathroom I had 3 sweet munchkins "sleeping" in my bed.

Sometimes Amelia doesnt sleep

But who could be mad at this face. Especially when she typically sleeps between 8-11 hours a night. Love this girl

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Watch me grow-Amelia 2 months

Amelia turned 2 months on August 26th (yep this post is a little late)
 At her 2 month check she was 
10lb 12oz- 45 %tile
23.5 in- 95%tile

I took this picture a while ago and never got it posted. Amelia is a joy to have in our family. She is a sweet and easy addition to our family. She likes to be laid on the floor more than she likes to be held and as long as her belly is full she is happy. She is growing like a weed and smiles almost constantly. She sleeps 8-11 hours every night and wakes up happy every morning. She is still sleeping in the hallway still but will probably move in with Oliver soon. We are so thankful to have her in our family.

Amelia is Blessed

Amelia was blessed on August 31st. It was labor day so we were hoping that some of our family would be able to make it, and they were. Both our parents were there and Tara and Brad and Nicole and Richard and kids came along with our friends Craig and Rachelle  and Lorrie and her son Jordan from here in Colorado.
Friday Nicole and Richard got here late and the kids went to bed then woke up Saturday and played non stop. Then everyone else got here Saturday afternoon. We had a big dinner together and then sat around and talked. Then Sunday we all went to church and Bryan blessed Amelia. It was pretty amazing. Then after the block we all went to the temple for pictures and then home for a barbecue. Then on Monday everybody but Bryan's parents had to leave. It was such a fun weekend being surrounded by family and friends.
The whole group

Our sweet little family

Again, our sweet little family

Amelia and her namesake

This boy LOVES his grandpa

Nicole and "Boppie"

Tara's cute boys

The girls, and TY playing downstairs. This is what they did all. weekend. long. They had so much fun together, it was ridiculous and wonderful. I have never seen so many princess fairy dances before in my life.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Book worm

This kid has hit the age of loving books, whether they are being read to him or he is just browsing on his own.