Monday, July 28, 2014

Week with dad.

A few weeks ago I got to stay home for. Work and help out with the kids. We had a great time playing and doing fun activities. 

Monday: splash pad
They decisided that the sand was more fun then the splash pad with hords of people. 

Tuesday: fun at home. 
I caught them in the backyard helping themselves to the tomatoe patch. 

Wednesday: bike ride to cherry creek to play in the sand bar.  There is a grade control drop structure and I brought a hose and started a siphon so they could have their own sprayer.  We found and island and eliAbeth was throwing dirt bombs into the water. 

Thursday: I decided to take the kids camping. Last minute Breea and Amelia decided to come.  Pictures to come soon. 


Since I am no longer pregnant, ie no longer feeling overwhelmed with the thought of getting off the couch, I have been trying to do some fun things with the kids. I struggle to do this because messes and crafts etc really stress me out when done with small children, but I know they love it so I am trying.
This morning Oliver and Elizabeth were playing in the sand and I thought, gee we could do volcanoes in the sandbox. I took some big baby bottle and filled them with a little water, baking soda and food coloring and headed out to the sand box with some vinegar too.
We tried Elizabeth's first. It was kind of a dud. so we adjusted the mixture and re-tried.

Next was Oliver's. It was really hard to help him pour the vinegar and still get pictures.

He thought it was pretty cool but kept trying to eat the foam. What is it wit kids this age an eating EVERYTHING they can get their hands on. It's a good thing we aren't around piles of poop because we would be in trouble.

Elizabeth's 2nd attempt.

This one worked MUCH better. 

I had a birthday

I turned the big 2-7. Lorrie bought an ice cream cake and we had a few friends over to celebrate and help us eat cake, because let's be honest I could have pounded that whole thing.
The token ugly blow out the candles picture.

We went camping ( Yes, we are crazy)

After my parents left, Bryan took a week off of work to help out with the older two kids before i had to jump into being a mom of 3. At the end of the week he mentioned he wanted to take the kids camping. By this point I was feeling AWESOME so I said, hey, I think I will come with you. So we took at 3.5 yr old, a 1.75 yr old and a 2 week old camping. As Bryan said it was A LOT of work but since we went in with really low expectations of sleep and cleanliness we were pleasantly surprised.
She was really excited even if you cant tell from this face smile face

Also excited. 

Add caption
 We tried having them both in the back of the van and discovered it was harder to buckle them in and that Oliver gets car sick. We were looking for a campsite and had been driving for a while so we threw on a movie to help the kids not get bored while we figured out where to camp. Oliver started yelling "Out, out out" and we told him not yet, just keep watching the movie....yep about 5 minutes later he lost it all over himself and the car. We washed his clothes out in the river once we got to the campsite and we were all grateful i had packed him some extra clothes.
The kids 'helped" Bryan set up the tent.

Oliver, not bending the pole.

I ended up doing a lot of sitting in the chair holding Amelia or feeding Amelia.

Elizabeth, not bending the pole

 We ended up camping right next to the South Platte river. It was a great spot and had surprisingly few mosquitoes considering how close we were to the water. The kids both went with dad to throw rocks and sticks in the water.

I loved this shot because we brought them their very own chairs....and yep they are sitting in ours.

Breakfast at the campsite.

Bryan made pancakes and we had fruit and sausage.

 This picture should come a lot earlier because it is a pretty good depiction of what happened in the night while we were trying to sleep. Oliver ran around the tent giggling and screaming "camping, camping,camping" until about 1am. at which point Bryan buckled him into his car seat and laid it down in the tent for the remainder of the night.
Family picture in the mountains. What a bunch of cuties
 On the way home we decided to go the long way around and drove home through Woodland Park and Manitou Springs. There was a cool Dinosaur museam that we were going to stop at until we realized it was $12/ person. So we just took pictures with the giant dinosaurs outside and jumped back in the car.
 After we left Woodland Park we hit some major traffic going into Manitou springs. We ended up pulling off at Rainbow Falls so the kids could get out of the car and so Amelia could eat.

Overall, we got much more sleep than expected on only got 90% as dirty as we expected. We love camping and love that our kids enjoy it too. Can't wait to go again soon (ish).

Watch me grow- Amelia 1 Month

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bathroom project- Thanks Dad and Mom


Thank you for helping us with redoing the floors in the downstairs bathroom. Sorry it was such a pain. From the glued down laminante tiles to the leaky sewer line.  We are grateful for your help. 

Friday, July 11, 2014


Driving in the car and bryan pulls up siri on his phone and says "take me home" Elizabeth then says, "siri, take me to lunch!"

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Puddle Jumping

Whenever it rains Elizabeth begs to go outside and play in the rain, to jump in the puddles and float boats down the gutter. We have a lot of rainy days here when neither of those are possible because the rain comes and goes so fast. At the end of May, though we had a few storms that were perfect for puddle jumping and floating boats.


And sometimes they are so sweet and get along so well and read books together.