Monday, May 26, 2014

Youth baptisms

I am lucky enough to be serving in young women right now and I got to go on a trip to the temple with the youth a few weeks ago. The temple is always an amazing place to be but the youth make it even more special. What a bunch of cute kids, huh? They are all amazing and every time I am around them I have no worries about the future of our world and Church.

Good morning books

This morning I went in to get Oliver and he had a book in his bed with him.... Though I am not sure how it got there he was pretty proud of it.

Foot ball tough

Elizabeth came up with tights on over her fleece pajamas... "Because her toes hurt" in the middle of the night....but she looks awesome. Doesn't she look football tough?


I love Bryan for being such a hands on dad and for always being so willing to help and spend time with the kids. He is such a fantastic dad and is GREAT at reading bedtime books.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

It will be sad

Near out home there is a 50+ acre field where we have been going to feed the friendly horses and look for wildlife. Tonight we saw 1 mature hawk 4 coyotes  bunnies galore and the horses. Unfortunately the property just sold and is going to be developed into comercial property mixed with 1400 homes. It will be sad to see this property developed. 

The park.

Sometimes when dads in charge the kids get to stay at the park past the normal bedtime. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Back surgery recovery

While I have been home for back surgery, Breea has had to keep the kids entertained and mostly away from me until I have been able to play with them. Here are a few of the pictures she captured.

She bought me a whole bunch of stuff to eat, including pudding and I didn't really have much of an appetite because of the pain meds so the kids helped themselves.
If you think this is messy, just you wait....

What a cutie

And then the real mess happens.

And the singing begins.
 I couldn't hold or play or wrestly with the kids and it just about killed Oliver so at least 2 times a day he would climb into bed with me and just hang out and snuggle me.
Sticking tongues out.

 One Saturday it was really warm and I suggested Breea get out the pool. She did and even though it probably wasn't warm enough, the kids lips were turning blue, they had a blast. They didn't want to come in but Breea made them so they didn't get hypothermia.

 And one night Breea and I wanted chinese but fed the kids at dinner outside because they never eat chinese. Our friends gave us this little house and it is their new favorite place to eat and to play.
I also spent A LOT of time doing storytime type reading for the kids so that I could still interact with them while they couldn't play with me too much. Gotta love these two.

It's always fun when Grandpa and Grandma come

In March my mom and dad, and Taylor and Jill came for a visit. We didn't do a whole lot except play with the kids, go to the skate park and drive my RC car, go on LOTS of long walks and a couple hikes but it was great to hang out with them for a week before surgery.
Oliver using the skate park as a slide

The car jumping

At the park.

Elizabeth climbing the toadstool stairs

Elizabeth baking Easter cupcakes with Grandma

Grandpa read lots of books to Oliver

Pushing Oliver on the swings for Oliver

There is a field by our house with a few horses that we walked to with the Gram and Grandpa. Since then, Elizabeth asks every day to check if the horses are there.

Oh, the ever present Elizabeth Bum
 Monday was better weather so we went on a 'hike' at Lair of the Bear.

Throwing rocks and sticks at the river

The splash of my rock.

 We also stopped at Red Rocks Amphitheater and walked around for a while.
Breea stayed in the car with Oliver but this is a picture of everyone else. 
We had a great trip and love it when they come. One of the things we didn't get a picture of was the hours and hours that Jill sweetly spent reading Elizabeth and Oliver books. She read to them almost every time they asked, which was a lot. Or all the time that Taylor spent in the back yard playing in the sand box. Or Taylor's wrecked knee from his bike ride. We can't wait to have them back again.

Back Surgery

On April 1, 2014 I had back surgery on my L4-L5 disk.  I have been struggling with a severe herniation and stenosis of the spine for about 4 years now.  Through the 4 years I've had done several non-surgical approaches to remedy the problem including loosing lots of weight, physical therapy, chiropractic, decompression (machine that pulls you apart type), exercises, and the list goes on and on.  THe pain would come and go,  a few months prior the pain came and I couldn't find relief from any of the above methods.  After struggling through the pain I started to notice that I was developing a limp and a pretty bad spinal list (curved back, 28 degree scoliosis, I couldn't stand up straight if I tried).  The list and limp were developing from my body compensating for the herniation.  I quickly saw the writing on the wall that the back pain might be tolerable on its own but the limp and list created all new challenges.

The surgery went well, I stayed one night in the hospital only because I was lucky and got a new nurse that couldn't figure out how to get me pain medicine from the pharmacy and the pain became so bad that my body revolted.  After getting a new nurse the pain was under control I started to walk laps around the hospital.  After being discharged I was on a limited bending, twisting, sitting (no more than 30 minutes at a time) & a no-riding in the car restriction.  My Dr. wanted me to walk 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes at a time.  I started that regimen.  My 40 minute per mile pace on the first day home was pretty slow.  My body was stiff but as I walked the speed increased and the pain decreased.  After several weeks I have been able to achieve a 14 minute per mile pace and have been walking about 8 miles per day.

Luckily work was flexible and I was able to telework part time to keep my mind fresh and save some of my leave for the upcoming baby that will arrive in June.  I've started physical therapy again and am feeling really good.  It has been 6 weeks since the surgery and I can already stand for extended periods of time, sit for extended periods of time and go to the gym.  All with minimal to no pain.  I am glad we decided to go ahead with surgery prior to baby number 3 coming.  Thanks you for all the prayer and help!

Snow in May?

That is right.  6-inches of snow in May.  Luckily we were able to go outside and play in it.  Everyone got all bundled up for about 15 minutes of playing then we stripped down and had nice warm baths.  Oliver and Elizabeth LOVED the snow.  Luckily by tomorrow it will be all melted and the roads were so warm that they never had snow accumulate on them so getting around wasn't a big deal.