Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Valentine's day

I made the kids some t-shirts for Valentines day this year. I painted Oliver's and sewed some hearts on Elizabeth's and made her a matching skirt.

Scrunchy nose


The Aquarium

A couple weeks ago our friends, Miss Becky, Abbie, and Aaron, invited us to go to the Aquarium with them. It was so fun to watch the kids with all the fish and to even get to pet a starfish and a stingray.

Oliver mostly pointed at everything the whole time.


All the kids together.

The cuties

Oh no! They got in with the fish!

Elizabeth watching the fish

Everyone on the tiger bridge

Miss Becky helping Elizabeth pet the star fish.

The stingray  petting area. I got to feed the stingrays to get them to come closer to the kids. I probably wouldn't ever do it again.

Thanks Becky for taking us to the aquarium. It was a fun day for the kids...and the moms.

Sledding or should I say Laundry basketing

A few weeks ago Elizabeth was begging to go sledding. Unfortunately we didn't have enough snow so we told her we would go when we did have enough. We barely got enough and decided to go one Saturday morning. We didn't have sleds so we just used some laundry baskets.....I wouldn't recommend it but it worked just fine for the time that we were on hill.

Oliver sporting Elizabeth's old pink boots. That's what he gets for being a younger brother and growing too fast.
His boots fell off so Elizabeth decided to help him get them back on......

Oliver trudging through the snow.

Cute dad and kids. Yes Bryan is wearing a puppy beanie. It is actually Olivers but is a few sizes too big so he borrowed it. 
 Oliver made it down the little hill once and hated it so much he just sat in the basket and watched Elizabeth the rest of the time.

Our original sled run.
Bryan has a funny video of Elizabeth on his phone so I will have to have him post it. She LOVES sledding and giggled the whole way down the hill and barely cried when the laundry basket tipped over.

The park with friends

We have lots of good friends here in Colorado and some of Elizabeth's favorites to hang out with are Ava and Nolan. A few weeks ago we went to the park despite cold temperatures and snow covered ground.
Nolan climbing the stairs


Oliver loves the little play stuff because the stairs and slides were just his size.

Changing their minds about playing in the snow after their hands got cold.

The little wanderer wandered all the way to the field next to the park.

He HATES the snow and really hates when it gets all over him.

Cute Miss Ava

Nolan ready to get out of the swing.

Baby Hank. What a cutie he is and how he loves the swing.

Some randoms

Life seems to go faster than I can keep up with these days. I don't know when my babies turned into kids. AHHH. Here are some pictures to capture all their cuteness
We were painting with water colors and Oliver decided he wanted a snack.

His snack didn't taste so good after all. This is one of our favorite faces that he makes right now.

Elizabeth LOVES to do ballerina moves all the time and tells everyone that her cousin Anna taught her ballet

A typical picture of these two. They LOVE each other so much and have tons of fun together.

Doing ring around the rosie before bed.

I got both kids a plate of nachos but then had to run up to the bathroom. I came back to discover Oliver didn't think his plate was enough but rather wanted the whole pan to himself.

And the bowl of guacamole

My cheesey girl. What a joy she is. She comes upstairs every morning expecting a snuggle before our day can begin. She is also so helpful and fun to be around.

Oliver loving the swing on one of our few warm days this month.

Elizabeth making a cake.

Why are you taking pictures?
These two are such a joy most of the time. There are definitely hard days, no one is arguing that, but they are pretty fun. I am always amazed at how fast they learn and grow. Elizabeth is constantly pointing out shapes and colors, even if they are sometimes the wrong ones, and Oliver has been picking up lots of new words. He says cheese "seese, please "eese", Lorrie"oooorrie", grandma "maaaama", and all kinds of animal sounds, my favorite of which is an owl "hoo hoooooo"

San Francisco

At the beginning of January Bryan and I started talking about going on a weekend getaway just the two of us and were trying to plan something to do together. Everything we looked at seemed a little beyond our reach until Bryan had to plan a work trip to the San Francisco area. The trip worked out to be of very little cost and my awesome parents (Thanks Mom and Dad) came out to watch the kids so we could have a few days away. I flew out and met Bryan after all his work meetings were over and we spent some awesome time in San Fran just the two of us.

The first day we mostly had the afternoon and evening. We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and went to Muir woods. I was just learning how to use our new camera and had sunglasses on so didn't notice that the pictures of Bryan in front of the bridge were almost black....

A trunk at Muir Woods

Look at how HUGE those trees are!

So tall

I could have lived inside this trunk, for real though, it was huge.

 After the woods we drove down to a beach, maybe Muir beach? I can't remember

Lovebirds in front of the ocean
 The next day we drove from our hotel down to Half Moon Bay because there were supposed to be giant waves for the next few days. We couldn't see the waves at the bay but I never get tired of driving next to the ocean.
 From Half Moon Bay we drove through downtown San Fran (thanks GPS for the second time) to all the piers so we could go to Alcatraz.
On the ferry to Alcatraz

One of the cannons from when it was a military fort

Bryan got caught! Can you imagine a guy his size in a cell that size? Misery.

Bryan was fascinated at how so much of the concrete work was so intricate, and that it held up for so long.

Bryan in front of the Bay.

We took this picture at one of the work houses because Bryan's dad has an almost identical board in his workshop at school to keep track of the tools. Kids say school is like a prison..........

A sailboat in the bay.
After we got back from Alcatraz we went to a fish and chips place and walked around the piers. Then we had to take the rental car back and go to the hotel so we could get some zzz's. It was a great trip and a much needed break from day