Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sometimes while I work out

Elizabeth feeds Oliver yogurt....but then she is too slow....so he steals the spoon and the yogurt cup and "feeds" himself. Dhe used to be strong enough to take it back....but not anymore

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Oliver turned 1

Oliver turned 1. I can't believe how fast this year has gone. He has grown so fast. This post is a little late because our camera broke and we couldn't get the pictures off for a while.

Oliver's 12 month stats:
Height: 31 3/4 inches (90%)
Weight: 23 lbs 10 oz (60%)
Head: 46.5 cm (48%)

So overall he isn't nearly as big as he seems to me, but he is tall which I guess makes up for the rest.

He is SO lovey. When he gets tired he comes up and loves on me and laughs and that's how I know he is tired.

Look at how big he is!

He points and says "do" which I think means that.

He LOVES the little rocking chair and spends time in it every day
 For his birthday we did a family celebration the day of, and then the friday after that we had some family friends over for cake and ice cream.

Classic cake destruction picture. He wasnt sure what to think of the cake at first but like it after he tasted it.

He started to walk on his birthday. Now he is walking like a champ and it is still just as cute.
Right now Oliver:
-is walking, at his birthday he was toddling but now he is full on walking.
-babbles all the time. I had forgotten how much I love this jabbering. He says mom, dad, more and then signs all done, and please
- is into EVERYTHING. We spent half a fortune on child locks to keep him out of trouble. He loves to play with things that are too sharp, too small, not toys, and really have no place within reach of a baby.
- loves Elizabeth and thinks she is hilarious. Lots of mornings I wake up to laughter coming from their room because they are tossing their stuffed animals back and forth to each other.
-eats like a horse and then a bird. Mostly he is a great eater, he just doesn't like to sit still long enough to do it.
-likes to play in the dirt and the sandbox.