Thursday, September 5, 2013

Random Summer Photos

This summer we:
Played the piano....... ALOT!

Played with Grandma Kathee and Poppy at the Zoo

Made lots of messes, and "cages" with the pillows
planted our garden, and picked all the food off of it

Ate good food and got messy

And even more messy

Found some GIGANTIC dandelions

Went on some hikes (Thanks Rachelle, Stephanie and Craig)

And Danced all over the place.
It was a great summer and we had tons of fun together as a family.

Oliver think flipping cars are hilarious

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Oliver is 10 Months....and 11 Months

Oliver turned 10 Months back in July, and I snapped some pictures but never posted them.
In July Oliver was:
Weaned. I stopped nursing him so I could go to Girl's Camp. He did really well
Spending his first week alone with Daddy while I was at Girl's Camp.
going on his first camping trip. He loved it but was bugged that we wouldn't let him put anything in his mouth.
taking steps and standing on his own.
started signing more, but then immediately quit for his preference of rocking back and forth in his chair to ask for more.

In August he turned 11 months. We literally snapped some quick pictures of him on Sunday before church. 
This month Oliver:
Started making the sounds of a truck. He gets so excited to vroom vroom around the kitchen with a truck.
Started making the  signs for an airplane and helicopter (sign I made up, not the real ones)
Waves like crazy. Every time you say, hello, goodnight, goodbye, he starts waving.
Loves to sing songs with any kind of clapping.
Goes to bed like a champ. He starts begging to go to bed around 6:15 every night.
LOVES Elizabeth. He always wants to follow her around everywhere.