Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Thanks for the tickets to go see the Rockies play!

Our neighbors had some tickets they were not going to use and they gave them to us. It was s fun night. Elizabeths favorite part was the cheetos.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

There are monsters in my closet

But luckily they are just watching videos on my belts.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dang It!

As we are driving down the road Elizabeth says. "Dang It!" Pause and Breea and I look at each other confused "Theres no tractors today"

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Week with DAD

Breea had girls camp a few weeks ago so the kids and I had a fun time in Utah with family.

We went to Bear Lake

Elizabeth "Rocked Out" with her water gun handle

Oliver loved the water

Elizabeth thought it would be fun to get a ride

Oliver loved watching, laughing at and chasing the other kids

Dad this sand does not taste good but I can't help but put it in my mouth.

we built some jumps for the RC Cars

Although he tried really hard, Oliver was never able to catch the RC Cars.

We stayed at Nicole's and Elizabeth (2.5) and Anna (3) enjoyed playing in the water

Julie was curious who I was and why I was at her house

Both Elizabeth and Anna had a few meltdowns

We went to a historic farm and Oliver wanted to get the geese

Elizabeth and Anna enjoyed each other

In a chicken coup

Looking at the piggy's

Oliver just enjoying everything

Elizabeth drove a tractor

The kids danced on the big air conditioned dance floor

Oliver danced too

Oliver loved the library!

Each night Elizabeth wanted to go back to grandma's... Look at all those fun books.

Say Cheese

We went to Amy's and she did singing time with the kids

They all loved it! Elizabeth was having so much fun she didn't want it to end.

We went the the Morgan spash pad and the kids enjoyed the cool water

Elizabeth helped Taylor wash the car

She loved that the ladder helped her reach the windows.

Broken Chainstay on 2010 Trek Fuel Ex 8.0?

In May I went to Moab with a new to me 2010 Trek Fuel Ex 8.0.  Our first ride of the trip was down Porcupine Rim, about halfway through going over a small 6-inch roll both my bottom chainstays snapped leaving me stranded with a long walk down the trail with a bike on my shoulders.  I called trek and they indicated that because I bought the bike used they would not help me in anyway.  Apparently they don't make the chainstays for purchase.

Notice the dangling chainstay...

Left chainstay broken on the inside weld.
Right chainstay broken mid bar (not near any weld)

So my Dad and I decided to fix the bike ourselves.  Below is a list of the steps with pictures.

Step 1: Machine aluminum insert for left chainstay


 Step 2: Machine aluminum insert for right chainstay (due to the compound curvature we used a grinder)

Step 3: Remove paint and powder coat using MEK and wire wheel.

Step 4: Test fit inserts and alignment


 Step 5: Weld chainstays while in proper alignment.  We opted to MIG weld instead of TIG because we wanted to reduce the amount of heat transfer into the bars, considering that we were unable to re-heat treat the part after the welds.

Step 6: Re-paint & superglue/epoxy the inserts to prevent slipping.

 Step 7: Install and test ride

 3 Months later:  Bike has been over a hundred miles on a wide range of technical trails and everything seems to be holding great!