Friday, July 5, 2013

Fathers and Sons or should I say Daughters

This year Elizabeth joined me at the annual Fathers and Sons camp out.  She was pretty excited to "Go camping with Daddy" and asked if we could go every day for a week until we got to go.  When we were on our way home she said "we no done camping, TURN AROUND!"  We had a great time and I"m glad she got to join me this year.
"I ready to go camping with my new sunglasses Daddy" she sat in her seat for almost an hour waiting for us to leave

Elizabeth was very helpful setting up the tent.  Putting polls together

Hammering in the tent stakes

attaching the fly

jumping off stumps occupied several hours

climbing rocks was also a fun pass time

then of coarse Elizabeth wanted to jump off the rocks she had climbed

There was a stream, with a bridge.  Elizabeth played throwing rocks, sticks, herself and others into the stream

If Elizabeth ever when out of site you could always count of finding her sneaking into the tent.

Elizabeth so excited to be camping that she couldn't give me a smile.

"Daddy I all dirty!"

Elizabeth decided she would rather have my root beer than her koolaid "squeezers"

After camping we went hiking.  It was all I could do to keep up with Elizabeth

Then she got distracted playing in the river

and throwing more rocks

for almost and hour...

after the river she wanted to climb the mountain of rocks

It was difficult to get her to want to go to sleep.  Once she did she made it almost all night.

however, by morning she had rolled off her bed and managed to.,..

climb in next to me.
We had a great time Camping and now every time we get into the cars Elizabeth asks "we going camping?"

Monday, July 1, 2013

Oliver is 9 Months!

Oliver is 9 Months Old!
Here are his stats:
Height: 29 in-75%
Head:45.4cm- 50%

And some pictures of him:

I LOVE this picture but I don't really know why.

Lately Oliver:
-LOVES his dad. He gets so excited when Bryan gets home and then follows him around everywhere and thinks he is the coolest
-Eats, a lot.
-Is taking a bottle. I decided to  wean him because I am the girls' camp director and didn't really want to take him to the bear infested girls camp. He is doing great so far, and I am only breastfeeding once or twice a day.
-Eats, even more
-Is crawling for real. He does the walrus sometimes but mostly crawls for real.
-Sits himself up
-Eats, again.
-Pulls up to standing and takes a few steps while holding on to furniture.
-EATS us out of house and home, we are in for it.
-Loves to play peekaboo, he has been pretty indifferent up to this point but loves to do it now.
-doesn't sit still for more than 5 minutes
-Jabbers like crazy.
-Crawls to us and then pulls himself up on our legs and stands there jabbering and pulling until we pick him up.
-wrestles with Elizabeth
-is not fun in church...

He is a sweet though sometimes challenging boy. I am so happy he is part of our family.