Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The sandbox

Last summer we bought Elizabeth a sandbox and it has been one of the best investments we have ever made. She would play in there for hours and now Oliver will play with her too and doesn't even eat the sand, at least most of the time. I am so glad we bought that.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Go back to bed!

I just read a post by one of my favorite bloggers about her school aged children being "bored" in the summer and the consequences she gives for the use of that word. She and my mom have the same rule if you use that word you get chores to do, the really really un-fun ones that she saves for bored children, at least that's the way it was with my mom.
Elizabeth is only 2 1/2 and therefore doesn't know the meaning or even use that word but her new favorite thing to say is "i'm tired". When I ask her to do something "Mommy, I'm tired" or if she is having a fit, "mommy, I'm tired" or even "I want Daddy" (that is a whole other can of worms), so you know what this mean mom says in return? "Oh, well go back to bed" because in my head I am shouting, " if you are tired why did you wake up at 615 and come into my room and insist that you were hungry only to meltdown and say you are tired when I ask you to eat your cereal instead of using it as playdough? If you are tired why are you out here unrepentant after pummeling your brother instead of in bed". And then I realize that maybe she isn't actually the one that is tired but rather it is me that is tired, so I send myself to bed.....and then Elizabeth comes in and tells me she is tired ;).

Elizabeth was tired again after I asked her to take this tie off so she didn't choke herself.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

4 a.m.

You know it's been a long night when 4 a.m. comes around and you think, " I should just get up now."

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Not so Easter Dress

I made Elizabeth this dress and it was going to be for Easter but then our friend and her 'Nana Lorrie' bought her an Easter dress so this became her St Patrick's day dress.

The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden

So that's what we did!
Bryan headed up the garden this year since I have the last couple years and the fruits of our labor have been less than fruitful because we haven't really labored. Elizabeth helped and Oliver supervised, all while I went to Target and a baby shower.

We LOVE Bear Lake

When Bryan and I were going to college in Logan, we would often take a weekend trip over the mountain to Bear Lake. We would stay in the cabin, free, and play at the beach, also free, and get a treat of a milkshake on the way home. Because of all of those trips to Bear Lake, besides the ones Bryan took all growing up, we have a special place in our hearts for that place.
So this spring when we were looking and trying to decide what things we wanted to do as a family, we decided we definitely wanted to go to Bear Lake sometime. When Memorial Day weekend opened up we decided to hit the road. Our good friends Lorrie, and her son Jordan were going to come with us but couldn't so last minute we called Nicole and Richard and asked them to come. It was an awesome and very relaxing trip. It was also soooo much fun to watch Elizabeth with her cousin Anna, they played non stop the whole time we were there. Not so much with her and Julia, for some reason, Elizabeth didn't like her and yelled at her a lot. We are working on it though.
So we left Thursday afternoon, and let me tell you, we won't do that again. Our kids travel so much better in the morning, and we need to remember that. We got to the cabin around midnight got the kids in bed then went for a walk down to the beach. Once we got back to the cabin we started to get ready for bed but heard voices in the back of the cabin and it turned out the police had showed up because we didn't get the alarm disarmed in time. Bryan explained everything and they had to call Grandma Taylor to confirm that we could be there. Good thing she remembered us or it would have been an interesting trip.

We woke up the next day and lazed around for a long time. When Oliver took his nap I took mine, and when Elizabeth took her, Bryan took his too. It was so great. Then we headed down to play in the sand.
Oliver liked to eat the sand...and the snake grass, look very closely at his mouth.

Elizabeth and Bryan built a sand castle.

Our token self-portrait

Because he liked to eat everything around him, Oliver spent a lot of time in the BOB

Elizabeth splashing in the water

I was here.
 Then Richard and Nicole got there with Elizabeth's best friend cousin Anna. Anna immediately got her swimsuit on and came down to play in the water. The water was usually cold but there was a sandbank making a 1 ft deep pool that stayed the perfect temperature for little people to play.

Then we roasted hot dogs over the fire.
 The girls REALLY wanted to sleep together, and we let them try both nights, but alas they just couldn't contain all of there excitement and we ended up moving one of them until they were both asleep.

Dance party in the loft. Good thing Elizabeth didn't realize Julia was there or it could have gotten ugly. :)
 The next day was a lot the same as Friday. We all took turns going on bike rides (Richard went all the way around the lake, woo hoo Richard), then we went down to play in the water. What a blast it was for the kids, and yes we even let Oliver out of the BOB.

He LOVED the water.

playing with Daddy

Oliver and Julia. She is 6 months OLDER than Oliver. He loved her.
 Once the girls were totally worn out we took them back to the cabin, got them dried off and let them play in the cabin for a little while.
On Sunday we all woke up early and went to Bedford, WY to visit Bryan's Grandma and stop by Grandpa Heiner's grave. We made it to church then had a lovely meal with Grandma and got to spend some time with Nolan and Ann, and Holly and Teddi Jean. Star Valley is one of those places that even though it is off the beaten path, I would really consider living there because of all the wonderful people and the beautiful surroundings. When we got back to the cabin, the girls when and played in the sand immediately.

Elizabeth being a bucket head.
 Bryan and I had planned on leaving early Monday morning, but with our trip to Wyoming we decided to stick around and clean up the cabin, which left more time for the girls to play in the water.
Playing, though not so much together.

Anna being Elizabeth's horsey.
 Once we got the cabin clean we were ready to head out and Bryan suggested we go see his parents in Bountiful and then leave early Tuesday morning. Since we had such a terrible time on Thursday driving in the afternoon and well into the evening, I agreed.
Elizabeth 'helping' Grandma Heiner in the garden

Watering the plants

Telling Grandpa stories.
We woke up early Tuesday morning and made it home by 2:30 that afternoon, which left us enough time to get the laundry done and go to bed to rest from our vacation.

Oliver is 8 Months

Wow, I can't believe it is already time for this post again. Oliver is a joy and I can't believe how fast time flies.
Oliver and the Monkey. He is mobile and can't sit still.

Monkey Attack!

This picture was taken on a different day, but apparently he likes this outfit alot.

One of the tight spaces he often finds himself stuck in. (In the same outfit)

His dinner face.

Olive with Grandpa; He has Granpa Val's blue eyes for sure.

What are you lookin at?

Lately Oliver is:
-Getting 2 more teeth, which brings the total to 4 so far. He has Bryan's bottom 2 and my top 2 so he is in for a good mouth of teeth ;)
- doing the wounded walrus crawl but also sometimes on his hands and knees. He only likes to do his hands and knees if there are people around to ooo and aaahh at him.
-trying his hand at climbing up the stairs. He mostly just climbs up one stair and ends up scooting himself back down.
-eating. Anything and everything you put in front of him.
-clapping. He isn't quite all the way there, but he is getting there fast.
-kissing. He will kiss me if I ask him to, and often kisses Elizabeth when she gets down on his level.
-getting into tight spaces.