Saturday, May 18, 2013

Air show

We went to an air show today. It was so fun to see inside of all those smaller planes up close. Elizabeth was in heaven and kept trying to find more planes to go the ones on the runway. Funny girl.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Oliver is mobile

In the last few weeks, Oliver has gotten mobile. He is fast when he sees something he wants and it is kicking my butt. The other day I picked him up to feed him and he was gagging as he tried to nurse. I looked in his mouth and he had a piece of fabric he found on the floor stuck to the roof of his mouth. You better believe I have been vacuuming more lately.

Elizabeth sings

Elizabeth is OBSESSED with her guitar and singing and playing with her dad lately. She loves and begs him to get his guitar out and play and sing with her. He was gone last week so she did a little singing on her own.

Laundry Helpers

I put Oliver in a laundry basket to keep him from moving around while I did the laundry and some other chores and Elizabeth decided she wanted to join in. She marched up the stairs and found herself a laundry basket so she could be like Oliver.

Lunch time

This is what lunch looks like at our house 3 days a week. Love these 3 kiddos.