Friday, March 29, 2013

Oliver is 6 Months

6 Month Stats:

Height- 27.25 in (75th percentile)
Weight- 17lbs 12 oz (60th percentile)

Looking at the numbers, I was pretty disappointed because to me, Oliver seems huge. He is heavy and in mostly 9-12 month clothes but turns out he is just a little above average and hasn't gained much weight since last month. I guess I am just a pansie and not used to carrying around such a big boy.
Here are some pictures:
Oliver and his monkey. 

His daily dose of tummy time.

Elizabeth LOVES him still.

Another Monkey picture.

He loves prunes.

He totally digs his bouncer. We definitely over use this thing.
About Oliver:
He is such a happy baby. He loves to play on the floor, be held and be in his bouncer
He is more interested in toys. He loves having something in his hands at all times. Whether his fish rattle, thanks GG, or my shirt he always wants something to look at and stick in his mouth.
He is a watcher. He watches Elizabeth EVERYWHERE she goes and me most places I go. And when dad comes home, forget anything we were doing he has to see him.
Oliver loves food. He has always been a good eater, but just in the last week he has started eating once a day and really diving for the food or grabbing it from my hand.
Oliver loves singing. He doesn't love all music like Elizabeth does, yet, but rather loves when Elizabeth or I sing to or around him.
Oliver likes to be outside. If he is fussy, much like his sister at this age, we take him outside and he is instantly calm.
Oliver rolls. Not from stomach to back, he hasn't mastered that quite yet, but he is a master at back to belly. Go figure?!

Elizabeth Loves going to see daddy at work!

These are some pictures when Elizabeth came to visit me at work.  I made her some "boats" out of some scrap wood and she threw them in one of our models for over an hour.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Potty Training

Last Monday after breakfast, Elizabeth decided she wanted to go on the potty. We have had her potty chair in the bathroom for a few months now just making it more visible so I told her to go ahead. Usually this leads to nothing in particular, but that day she went on the potty. I got really excited and thought, maybe I should potty train her soon, but when I tried to put her back in a diaper and she told me she was a big girl and didn't want to wear a diaper but instead wanted to wear panties, I was a little bit panicked.
I had tried, very very unsuccessfully to potty train her about 2 months ago and gave up because the first day was so bad. I wasn't prepared for all of the poo and pee I was going to have to deal with so I put her back in her panties and said maybe someday.
Since she decided it was time I wasn't super prepared. I didn't have any treats or incentives or enough panties so I sent Bryan to the store before he left town for a week. He got way more and way better stuff than I would have so it was good he went.
We stayed home from Monday until Thursday to really get it down. I have to say that potty training is really hard as a parent. For me it was because I constantly questioned whether her accidents were because I wasn't taking her/asking her enough or if it was because she just wasn't showing signs or telling me. I was also changing a lot of sheets from trying to do night time at the same time as the day time. And I was so frustrated that it didn't seem like she was getting it at all. Which made me wonder if I was teaching her the 'right' way. Wow, it was intense, and even though I haven't been drinking pop, I made one of my good friends go on 2 separate Dr Pepper runs so I could keep my sanity (Thanks Lisa).
So when we finally left the house on Friday she did great. She told me she had to go potty and really tried hard to go in new strange places. She did have 2 accidents and they were pretty gross, but that is an expected part of potty training I think. We are still working on pooping in the potty but she will get there too. I am so proud of her that in a week she has made so much progress. As my sister said, "I taught a human to use the potty!"

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Good Day

Back when I worked for USU there were days when lots of the things I had been working on for weeks would come together. A photo shoot, some designs, some copy, and printing would all be finished and it would be a day when I know I was doing something I should be doing. Something I was was really good at and something I enjoyed.
As a mom, those days are a little bit fewer and farther between. I tend to question if I am doing enough or too much. How much I should be leading and how much I should be letting go. I wonder if I am really cut out for this to be my full time job. I struggle to know how to best do my job, since there isn't a job description or manual.
That being said, today was one of those days, when one thing after another reminded me that this is where I belong, that I am doing ok and that this is  the plan that Heavenly Father has for me. Sure I still yelled at Elizabeth today for sassing me, let Oliver cry because I was in the middle of getting Elizabeth ready for bed, and defeinitely drank a Dr. Pepper that I know is probably going to hurt Oliver's belly. I didn't say it was perfect, just that I had few moments. Like when Elizabeth and I painted for an hour, but painted nothing in particular. Or when I just layed on the floor and stared at Oliver and he laughed at me. And When Elizabeth told me she had to go potty when I hadn't asked yet. When Elizabeth picked up the picture scriptures and said, "Moroni, Moroni". And when I picked up Oliver and he stopped crying, because he just wanted to be closer to me.
Even though the days of knowing I am doing what I need to be are fewer and farther between as a mom, the days of knowing are indescribably better than before.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Elizabeth just walked up to me with he hand cupped like she was carrying something fragile.
E: this is an egg mommy (her necklace from GG was in her hands
Me: what is in the egg?
E: FUN!!!!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

We love to be outside

The weather this year has been great. It is 60 degrees one day, then snowing the next, unpredictable, yes but never boring. We take every chance we can get to be outside no matter what the weather.

Oliver is 5 months!

Watch him grow...and grow...and grow.
We weighed him at home this month since he doesn't have a doctors appointment and his is 17 lbs.
Doesn't he look sweet? Yep, that's because he is.

He has started to like to do tummy time.

He is pushing himself up now.

Wrestling the monkey.

The monkey won.

And Elizabeth needed to be a part of it too.