Sunday, January 27, 2013

Watch Me Grow- Oliver 4 Months

Oliver is 4 Months Old!
4 Month Stats:
Weight: 15 lbs 1 oz (75th percentile)
Height: 26 1/4 inches (95th percentile)

Either Mr Monkey is getting smaller or Mr Oliver is getting bigger.

He has discovered his hands and has a contant stream of drool to prove it.

Look at that happy face!

Elizabeth wanted a picture with the monkey too.
 Oliver is such a joy and a happy baby. He LOVES his sister and gets so excited to see her all the time. He DOES NOT like it when I eat dairy. I tried again this past week and payed for it for 3 days (a slice of pizza is not worth miserable baby for 3 days). He has started to laugh at us, and really interact. I gave him his first haircut last week because he was starting to look like he was related to Cindy Loo Who. I cannot believe how great it is to have him in our family.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

This Monday Bryan had the day off of work and we were watching our neighbor Cash so we decided to head to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo down in Colorado Springs.
The kids played the piano while they waited for us to be ready.  I love this picture
 One of the coolest things was that you could feed the giraffes so you got to get REALLY close to them. Elizabeth was in love.....Cash, not so much. He liked the animals to keep their distance.

Oliver hung out in the stroller most of the day.

Cash in the stroller his grandparents gave us. It was perfect for pushing these two bigger kids around.

These guys LOVE each other.

Cash does the funniest growl anytime he sees any bears or tigers or lions. I wish I had gotten it on video because it was classic.
So we were thinking of getting a pass here since it isn't too much farther than the Denver zoo, but after spending some time there we changed our minds. The zoo isn't organized in a very common sense way and it feels like you are trying to find your way even with the map, not to mention you spend half of your time back tracking to get to where you want because all of the exhibits aren't connected. Some of the viewing areas are really cool, but not enough to make up for the poor directions and for the less than clean nature of this zoo. Our favorite part of this zoo was the giraffes being so close and that came at the beginning so the rest of the trip was a little disappointing. The good news is we had 3 great kids who thought everything was awesome and so we had a good time.

Random Pictures

I just cleaned off the camera and thought I would post some of these pictures.
Elizabeth loves to lay by Oliver and hold his hand

She also loves to read him books

Elizabeth and Bryan have been using our coffee table as a 'race car track' and knocking over the animals with the cars

I had Oliver in the backpack the other day while I cooked dinner and  Elizabeth wanted her baby in a backpack too.

Daddy and his boy

He likes mommy better (for now)

It is January and it was warm enough this week that Elizabeth headed outside to play in her sandbox but couldn't be bothered with pictures.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

E got a hair cut

More pics to come, but here is a preview. She is pretty cute, even if it is shorter than I meant to cut it.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Elizabeth wanted to rock-a-bye Oliver the other morning. She had "ta-razy" (crazy) hair and Oliver wouldn't stop smiling at her. Then she made sure he had a blanket and tried to rock him to sleep...even though he had just woken up.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Oliver smiles...a lot

Oliver is such a smiley baby. He is so happy, except maybe from 5pm til 8 pm so Bryan might argue but he really is.


Last night I was telling Bryan I was selfish and Elizabeth comes to the top of the stairs and says," I selfish too, mommy"

Lately Elizabeth has been obsessed with marriage and being married and asks me 10 times a day if I am married. Yesterday she say a temple and pointed to it and said, "temple. I married, I bigger".

This morning we were reading a book with a bull that had a ring through his nose and she said, " Cow has a binky" and nodded like she knew all about it.