Saturday, December 29, 2012

One of my favorite parts of the season

Christmas Cards!
I love to receive them and see what everyone is up to, or just see happy smiling faces. I get excited every single time I go to the mailbox because I know there are probably more in there waiting for me. Every year I use my unused curtain rod in my dining room to display all of the Christmas cards we get. I love them so much that long after the rest of my Christmas decorations are down, the Christmas cards are still up.
The window

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Oliver 3 Month Watch Me Grow

Oliver is 3 Months Old!!!!! Where did that time go
This is how he wakes up every morning. Even if he is starving, first he smiles at me, it is great.

Happy with Mr Monkey

Do you see how long he has gotten.

And hanging out on the couch with Mr Monkey.
I can't believe how fast he is growing. I am fairly certain that he is 15 lbs now, but not sure since we don't have a scale. He is smiling like crazy and starting to laugh. He is happy to just hang out, which is good since he has a busy busy older sister. We are really enjoying having him in our family.

A quiet book and zoo lights

Bryan's family does a hand made Christmas exchange. It is done among the siblings and we all make things by hand for each other. This year we had his sister Nicole so I made her a quiet book and Bryan made them a plexiglass cover for their i-pad so they can give it to their daughter to watch movies. I didn't take a picture of his cover but I did get pictures of the quiet book.
The dress up page (notice how she only has one shoe? yeah they didn't make it into the actual book because I figured if I lost it then the kids for sure would.

A tree with seasonal changing leaves and a barn with animal finger puppets peeking out

Anna loves to do stickers to I put 3x5 cards and stickers in the pockets for her.

A fishing page with magnetic fish. This was Elizabeth's favorite to play with.

Humpty dumpty that you have to put back together again. Sideways for some reason......
 The same week I finished the book we all went to Denver Zoo lights together. It was SO MUCH FUN! I would for sure go back since I probably loved it even more than Elizabeth. Bryan and I decided maybe next year we will leave the kids at home and go on a date, just us.
Elizabeth in awe of all the sparkly lights

Elizabeth's favorite Hippo tunnel.

Elizabeth and I rode the train.

Oliver slept.

Bryan and Elizabeth rode the carousel.

Just one of the walkways

My favorite section. All the trees were lit in blue lights and there were sea creatures all over on the ground and hanging from the trees. OOO, I am getting excited for next year just writing about it.

Thanksgiving and Oliver's blessing

 If you had asked me in October if we were going home for Thanksgiving I would have told you, "Absolutely Not!" We had been home so much this year that it didn't make sense to go home again until we found out that this would probably be our last Thanksgiving with my Grandpa on this earth because he has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. My whole family, siblings, cousins etc decided we wanted a big group picture and what better time to do it than at Thanksgiving. So we all headed to Shoshone for the holiday.
  We held Thanksgiving at the church since that way we could all fit, and took a picture just outside.
What a good lookin bunch of people! There are almost 60 of us, all because 2 people fell in love and raised 2 amazing sons.

me and Bryan at Thanksgiving.
 Since all of my family was going to be there and we would be closer to Bryan's family we decided to bless Oliver while in Idaho so our family could join in.
The proud daddy
Oliver in his blessing outfit

Our little family

Oliver was pretty tired by this point
 The week after Thanksgiving Bryan had a work trip to Yuma, AZ so the kids and I stuck around to hang out with my parents and grandparents. Even though I didn't get a lot of sleep, one night the kids alternated getting up every 2 hours so I was up every hour from 10pm until 6 am, it was great to be home again.
Elizabeth made cookies with Gramma Kathee
On the way home we stopped at my sister's house and Elizabeth made Jace read her Green Eggs and Ham. He was happy to do it since I read that book to him a hundred times when he was little.

Christmas pictures

We took a few pictures of the kids in front of the tree this year and I just wanted to post them
I made Elizabeth this Christmas dress and Oliver that vest. As you can see he is busting out of it already

Holding and ornament

Her new favorite picture face

I love this cheese fave picture.

Watch Me Grow 2 yrs

Elizabeth's 2 yr stats
Height: 331/4 in 35th percentile
Weight 24lb 3 oz 20th percentile
Head: 18 5/8 in 40th percentile

Elizabeth is such an amazing 2 yr old. Really I'm not biased at all wink wink. Some of her favorite things these days are:
 singing at the top of her lungs any song that comes to mind from 'Happy Birthday' to Popcorn Popping to Tonight Tonight Tonight.
chatting away to anyone who will listen and copying so much that we say.
learning her shapes, numbers and ABC's. She can count to 10 and repeat most of the ABC's. She knows star, heart, circle, square and sometimes a triangle.
driving RC cars with her dad. He got one for his birthday and so she got one for her birthday too.
holding Oliver, loving on him and giving him knuckles. She seriously can't wait for him to be big enough to play with.
helping....even if it isn't helpful. Dishes, cooking, baking, sweeping, laundry everything, she loves to help.
Going to Costco. yes, Costco of all places, I'm not sure why she loves it but she does.
hoarding blankets. She has no less than 3 blankets in her crib at all times and sometimes has as many as 6.
being enthusiastic about EVERYTHING. She reminds me so much of my dad...and myself that way, everything is fantastic or terrible, but mostly fantastic.
Lots of other things that are too numerous to tell. We love her so much and enjoy her growing so much too.

Elizabeth is 2!!!!!

Elizabeth turned 2 on December 15. Where did the last 2 years go? We went from a barely mobile kind of signing baby to a walking, talking, running singing little girl. What a great year. To celebrate we had some of her favorite people over "Tamby and Wucy" (her friends Kambri and Lucy and parents Marissa and Ricky, and Marissa happens to be one of my favorite people). We just did cake and ice cream and then the girls stayed up way to late playing with toys.

I made Elizabeth a Rhino cake because she is a little obsessed.

No wonder people don't make their kids cake, you spend all day making it and then  it is demolished in a matter of minutes.

Blowing out the candles

She was ready to dig in after her candles were all blown out.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oliver- 2 Month

2 Month Stats:
Weight: 13lb 12.8 oz ~ 95th percentile
Height: 24 in ~ 75th percentile
Head: 15.75 in ~ 45th percentile
Yes this is a little late because of our issues with our blog and in about a week I will be posting his 3 month pictures but here you go.
He is a chunker to me that's for sure. He has started smiling like crazy (just wait until you see his Christmas card picture!) and is the sweetest boy now that I am mostly off dairy. He loves loves his bath, in fact if I ever need him to calm down at night I put him in the bath and I can get a good 20 minutes of calm while he is in there. He also likes to stand when you are holding him, he isn't such a fan of sitting down these days. He also is starting to like Elizabeth and will smile at her...if she keeps her distance...and her voice down which only happens once a day. Elizabeth still loves him to pieces and just CANNOT wait until he is big enough to play with her.
Oliver with his monkey


Just hanging out, he does a lot of this now that his belly isn't hurting all the time.

Random Fall Pictures

As mentioned before our blog stopped letting us upload pictures so until we figured out a solution we have been hoarding pictures so here's to trying to catch up.
Right after Oliver was born we took the kids to a pumpkin patch, they had rides and a playground and a corn and hay maze for the kids, but since Elizabeth was really happy to just walk around a look/carry around the pumpkins we just did that because it was FREE!

One day while I was feeding Oliver and Elizabeth was coloring I noticed she was making a 'train' in the crevice of the coffee table with her crayons so I snapped a few pictures.
One train...
3 trains

One of Oliver's favorite places to sleep. 
 Elizabeth always asks to "Hol mim" (hold him) while I am holding Oliver. One night he happened to be on the floor while she was getting a bum change and she wanted to hol mim so Bryan set him on top of her while he changed her bum.
Does he looked concerned to anyone else?

She's just not sure what to do when he cries.
 Just a random pic with Bryan and the kids. He is such a great dad.

Elizabeth helping to feed Oliver and proof that I am in this family.

Just a dang cute day of Elizabeth. Someone asked me at the library how I stand just how adorable she is...I'm not sure?

Elizabeth painting

And eating

Elizabeth found these 'gasses' in the closet and wanted to wear them all the time.