Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What does Elizabeth do while I shower?

I am so glad you asked, because today she used a washcloth that she found, who knows where, to transfer water from the 'big potty' to her little potty. Yep, it's a great activity, you might want to try it....or just take my word for it that it kept her entertained and silent for a good 5 to 10 minutes whish is saying something.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Halloween

Halloween was fun but pretty low key this year. Since I knew I was going to have just had a baby right before I decided not to try and make all of our costumes. Elizabeth was an elephant from Costco, Oliver a bear from Old Navy and Bryan and I were zoo keepers with clothes from our closets. We actually showed people the fake badges I made and they asked if we actually worked at the zoo at one time, which made me feel pretty good.
We had our ward trunk or treat and then on Halloween night we went out with our neighbor friends the Maningers and the Mauchs and some of their friends. Elizabeth caught on the the concept really quickly as soon as she realized she was getting candy.
Elizabeth at her first stop of the night with all our neighbor friends.

She caught on to the whole "tick teet" thing really quickly.

Isn't she the cutest elephant?

Elizabeth with "Gramma" Lorrie

The whole Heiner Zoo

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dear Oliver

Sorry that it looks like I don't take pictures of you and if you compare the number of posts about you to your sister at this age she would win. Please understand that is part of being a second child and part of having a mom out of practice of taking pictures and part of having a mom with a broken-ish camera. Please know you are still loved just as much and that I can't get enough of this toothless grin.
Love, your Mom.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Elizabeth Lately

Lately Elizabeth loves rhinos. Anywhere there is a picture of one she will find it, and her block creations always end up as rhinos. She also loves walruses and always wants to see picture of them.
Elizabeth cannot stop talking about her dad's RC car he got for his birthday. She wants to hold it, and drive it and watch it go 'faaas'.
Elizabeth is picking up new words everyday and putting more and more words together. She is also mimicking everything we say so I am learning how often I say 'that' or 'no way'.
She still loves music and has started to learn the words to songs. The other day I started to sing "follow the prophet" and she could finish every line. She can do the same thing with twinkle twinkle, I am a Child of God, Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam (sunbeep), and her fish song (one we sing at storytime) and a few others.
She can count in the way 2 yr olds count. She know the number 1-10 but usually skips 5 and 8 and repeats 7 (seden) and 9 several times before getting to 10.
Elizabeth likes ice a lot. She likes to eat it, kind of, but mostly likes playing with it and holding it and transferring it from one cup to another.
Elizabeth has discovered turns, as a part of our effort to help her share, and always wants a turn (my turn, my turn) when we are sweeping, or at the computer or burping Oliver.
She is a great helper. She puts away the silverware, cleans up her toys, fetches Olivers things for me, always wants to sweep or vacuum or scrub(schrub) something.
Elizabeth is very determined and has a desire to enact her agency already.
She is a joy to us and keeps us constantly laughing and all the funny things she say and does.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Oliver- 1 Month Watch me Grow

It's a little late, so sue me. I can't seem to catch this kid when he is happy and Elizabeth is happy enough to let me take pictures.
Oliver has been such an added joy to our family. Don't get me wrong, he is also an added challenge but really such a sweet boy.

This is how the pictures started. Any guesses on what he wants here?
 The Elizabeth needed to get in on the action.

She's yelling "HI" at the top of her lungs.
 Next we tried some practice pictures with Oliver.
It started as this....

Progressed to this

Then this (I have to say this saddest of sad faces just melts my heart)

He is such a good pouter.

Giving kissing lips to his Mom.

 And now the real ones.

Pictures....and everything else, make him sleepy.

Oliver is such a sweet boy. He is much bigger than Elizabeth was at this age, but he wants to be heard even more than she did.
Elizabeth LOVES him. There aren't enough capital letters to describe it. You can just tell that she is so excited for the day when he can actually play with her.
He has started focusing on our faces and smiling. Mostly at me for obvious reasons, and the morning right after he eats is really fun because he just smiles at me.
Also, he gets a high five from his me because he is sleeping a 6 hour stretch at night and then another 2. Elizabeth was so small that she didn't do that forever so I am feeling almost like a normal person and when I get a nap I really feel like a normal person.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Summer Pictures that never got posted...

Our camera sort of freaked out in August (and continues to freak out) and we have been taking pictures with Bryan's work camera so when I finally plugged this one in I realized we had a bunch of pictures that I haven't posted.
First up our ward activity in August. We gave Elizabeth a