Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Picture Time

I wanted to make sure to get a few naked pictures of Oliver while he was still little enough to just sleep through it. After I set up the living room Elizabeth wanted a turn in front of the camera before Oliver had one.
Hamming it up
My sweet girl.

She was telling me about the hole in her shoe.

 Once I was done with Elizabeth it was time for Oliver, but he was a little less than cooperative so I only got a few pictures of him.

Bryan said he looks like a frog in this one, but I still think it's cute.

"What Mom? Don't poke his eyes?"

I didn't even pose this one, she just loves him this much.

2yr old + bowl of cous cous =

Kitchen table sandbox. And like a sandbox only a little bit of anything makes it into her mouth.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Watch Me Grow - 2 Weeks

2 weeks old. 

Height: 22 in (97%)
Weight: 9 lbs 1.6 oz (75%)
Head: 36.6 (75%)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Wheels on the Bus

Elizabeth and I were singing The Wheels on the Bus today. When we came to the doors "open and shut" Elizabeth mostly said "O, shut" except it sounded a lot more like something else.....

Monday, October 8, 2012

Elizabeth 18 & 19 months..maybe 16 and 17 too

I just saw a friend post about her 21 month old and I realized that it has been a few months since I have given the report. For the last two we have been out of town, so I blame that, but I don't have an excuse for the rest. I want to make sure to document all the funny/cute things she is doing so I don't forget them.
-Every morning she wakes up between 6-7am. We are trying to adjust bedtime so that she wakes up closer to 7, but she is sleeping close to 12 hours and wakes up so happy and ready to go I can't really complain.
-Sometimes she will let me sit in the rocking chair with her for almost a half hour singing and reading books before we ever go downstairs. I love this time to just hold her and stare and her (if I werent her mom I would sound like a creeper)
-For a while every morning when I got her out of bed she would ask for daddy (dah-ee) and I would have to explain that he was at work. She would then say "Dah-ee, gurk, dahee, gurk". Sometimes after that explanation she would then as for "Ash" or Cash her friend that comes to play twice a week. Sure made for some cute mornings.
-When we finally do go downstairs she doesn't demand breakfast right away like she used to do. Now she will check on her toys to make sure they are still there and sometimes she even plays for a while so I can get breakfast ready.
-Breakfast usually consists of some kind of fruit, yogurt and either oatmeal or toast. Although we just bought one of those giant costco boxes of cheerios and she has been eating those and loving it.
-After breakfast I get her out of her high chair and wipe her down. She always wants to play in the sink after this, but I only let her do it occasionally now because she has become quite the climber in the last few weeks.
-Then we get dressed which could be one of her least favorite parts of the day because it is taking time away from other things. She used to love to get dressed, but in the last month or so I have to convince her that it is a good idea to take off her yogurt crusted pajamas and trade them in for something cuter and cleaner.
-Once she is dressed sometimes we do her hair, depending on whether or not we are going somewhere that day. My sister Abby taught be a trick of setting her in the sink and letting the water just barely drip while I do her hair. It has been a lifesaver, thanks Abbs, until she learned how to move the knob so the water comes out faster and I finish her hair and we get her dressed again, ha ha. But it keeps her still long enough to get the job mostly done.
-When she is ready, I start to get ready, which means she will be in my room and hers exploring and bringing me all kinds of things. She likes to carry around Bryan's dirty shirts pulled from the laundry, all our old RS/Priesthood manuals off the bookshelf in our room, my jewelry if I let her, and then pull all of my skirts off of their hangers in the closet. Most of all if I use hairspray she wants to make sure she is included too.
-If it is Monday we go to story time at the library. I LOVE our library, but in the last few months have fallen out of love with the younger story time. Elizabeth gets bored because they are going at a very slow pace and aren't very exciting. This week we decided to try the older kid story time and I was thrilled. The librarian had me laughing and wanting to jump up and do the actions to all the songs. Elizabeth even joined in on several and didn't sit on my lap the entire time.
-Elizabeth is so helpful. She wants to help with the dishes, sweeping, laundry and vacuuming, not to mention anything and everything that Bryan does. Sometimes it gets tricky because I just want to finish something quickly, but have to try and remember that she is learning from me so I should let her learn.
-She loves to be outside, as is evidenced by her blonding hair and tanning skin. We got her a sandbox at the beginning of the summer and it was probably one of the best investments I have made. She loves to play in the sand and if we leave the door open to grill or something, she wanders out to play in her sandbox. If the lid is on she comes to find one of us to ask for help or climbs on top of it and jumps until it bounces free from the edges.
-She is a talker. We just got back from 2 weeks with family and I felt like I got my daughter back because the minute we got home she started jabbering again. She says lots of words but some of my favorite are: please, thank you, Elizabeth, mommy and daddy. Mostly though she just jabbers and keeps me company all day.
-Lunch is next and is probably her least favorite meal of the day. Mostly because she wants to eat but doesn't want to stop playing and she is almost ready for a nap so she isn't really up for much. I call it a good day if she eats a banana and some toast before getting too distracted.
-After lunch we either play or read a billion more books before her nap. She loves to be read to, and likes to read. I have to sometimes remind her that she can read a book to herself since she knows what is coming in most of her books anyway. Again I am grateful for the library and having soo many more choices.
-When it is naptime sometimes it is a fight to get her to go down. She used to come to me and basically ask to take a nap but theses days she is just too busy. I have to coax her into the chair and then sing I am a Child of God loudly until she is almost asleep and I can put her in her bed.
-When she wakes up from her nap she is almost always happy, unless it was cut short for some reason or another, or else she realizes for the second time in the day that daddy isn't home and has to mourn again for his being at work.
-After her nap, depending on what time she wakes up, I get her a snack of fruit or crackers or cheese. Then she helps with dinner. This usually means she gets a pot and a whisk and stirs for a while before having me taste her soup. Sometimes it means she empties out the bowl cupboard.
-Bryan gets home everyday around 4:30 and let me tell you that this is a happy time at our house. Elizabeth usually screams but always runs to him. She loves her daddy and once he is home he is hers. Saturdays and Sundays are the same way so Bryan having meetings before and after church has taken some adjustment on her part, and let's be honest, on mine too.
-When Bryan gets home we usually have dinner shortly after, but not before he and Elizabeth can wrestle and chase around the kitchen and front room.

What Does Elizabeth Think?

Many people have been curious about what Elizabeth thinks of her new brother Oliver.  

Every morning when she gets up she says "baby? Oliver?  AWAKE?" and proceeds to run to his bassinet where she looks in and giggles for a few minutes regardless of if Oliver is awake or not.

When she wakes up from naps the first thing she wants to know is "baby? Oliver?"

We try to give him one bottle a day and E always wants to help feed him.

 When Mom is busy with Oliver, she helps sweep the floor.

She loves helping Dad make Mom breakfast.

And of coarse loves eating it too.

Often we find her just sitting & watching,

 laying & watching,
 or playing peek a boo with him.
 She especially likes to share a blanket with him while hes on the floor.
 And we cant forget the constant requests to "hold you" referring to holding Oliver.
 She loves giving Oliver kisses...
 But sometimes gets distracted with snacks.
 Needless to say she loves Oliver and is a big help.
Some other things she is enjoying are: getting diapers and throwing them away, getting clean clothes, pushing him while he is in his swing, reading books to him, making sure his whatever he is in is turned on (swing music, bouncer vibrator, bassinet music, vibrator and light etc...)

Elizabeth, thanks for being so helpful and loving to Oliver!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Why do you insist on sleeping during the daytime?


Why do you like to sleep during the day and stay awake at night?  Mom and Dad would love to have you switch that schedule around.