Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oliver James Heiner...

Oliver has arrived!
8 lbs 6 oz
21 inches

Breea is tired but recovering great.
Oliver is very sleepy.
Elizabeth loves Oliver especially because she doesn't understand he will be coming home with us.  She is having lots of fun with Grandma K.
Grandma is the greatest!  Thanks for the help.

We have been doing stuff...

Just not taking very many pictures. Our camera is sort of broken so I don't always remember to take it with me, and the camera sent back from Bryan's sister never has an SD card in it (I know I could just switch from on camera to the other, but I never remember until I want to take a picture).

Anyway, we have been keeping busy....
Going to the zoo
Going to the park
Having an awesome baby shower (Thanks Lisa and Julie and all who came)
Doing laundry
Doing dishes (Elizabeth loves to help unload the "washer")
Riding bikes (ok Bryan rides his bike and tows Elizabeth behind him).
Playing in the backyard

Sometimes I sew stuff

Heiner Family Reunion 3

Heiner Family Reunion 5