Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Taking the Duckies down the Salmon

Five of us took a guided journey down the salmon river in single man inflatable duckies.  It was a fun trip.  As can be seen in our photos several of us decided to drink some of the Salmon River.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Over-nighter to Sawtooth Lake

Kelby (brother in law), Richard (brother in law), Taylor (Brother) and I went on an over night hike into Sawtooth lake.  We loaded a 4 man tent into 2 of our bags and the others carried the sleeping bags. 

Luckily Richard brought all his gear so we could have a stove, filter, pots and anything else you could want.  

Across the river on a log!  We made it.

Kelby and Richard trying to decide where we are.

Bryan joining the coversation

Cheesy Taylor

Alpine Lake

Overhanging ice shelf on Alpine lake

Straight up the cliff we go

Another view of Alpine Lake

UP UP and Away

Not to the top yet!

Trying to find the trail under the snow was sometimes difficult.

Sawtooth Lake

Bryan crossing the logjam at sawtooth lake.

Getting ready to fish.

Taylor did make it to the top (he took most of the photos, Thanks!)

Filtering ice cold water.

Proof that we did catch fish.

little as they may have been.

ON the way down the next morning.
Unfortunately we did not get any pictures of the sweet hotel we had on the mountain.  First time I've ever seen a large 4 man tent on top of a mountain.  Thanks Richard for bringing the stuff and getting us up on that mountain.  During the night we had a visitor that wanted to check into our REI hobitat 4 tent. A deer came and poked around for awhile but there was not room for her. Sorry.