Friday, June 29, 2012

Finger Painting

Today we did a little painting together. Bryan brought home this huge paper from work that had old plans for models on the back and we covered the table to paint. We made some classic potato stamps and painted away.

The good thing about potato stamps is that if you get hungry in the middle of painting you have a pre-made snack, ready to go.

Elizabeth may or may not have eaten some paint just prior to this picture.

Running naked with Popsicles

Yesterday I got the kids naked, handed them each their very own Popsicle and we headed outside. They were both pretty excited and REALLY cute.

My favorite picture. They were looking through the holes in the fence at the dog  next  door.

Post-Popsicle using the turtle as a trampoline.
Needless to say they both need a serious bath afterwards but it was well worth it. These two are too much fun.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pregnancy Comparison

Can you tell a difference? 

I am pretty sure I was bigger the first time right? If you disagree don't tell me ;)

Work trip + Family +Friends = Fun Trip

This winter Bryan came home and told me there was a workshop in June in Logan and I said, "Sign up, quick." He signed up and we have been looking forward to this trip for a long time. A return to the place where we met and went to school and had our first real jobs.
Before we went we called Bryan's mom to see if she wanted to help us surprise his dad for Father's day. We decided to meet up at the Bear Lake cabin, thanks Grandma Taylor, and surprise him for the weekend. Amy and kids and Andy and Virginia and kids were also able to come up to make the weekend even better.

A Picture in front of the lake that we love. If you haven't been to Bear Lake you are really missing out, it is one of my favorite places eve.

Doing some relaxing to the tune of the sunset after a long days drive.

 The next day we went to the beach. Usually there is plenty of beach right out the door of the cabin, but this year the water was so high that all our beach was gone and we just had lots of dead reeds where our beach used to be. So we packed up the kids and the toys and headed down the road to a state park where the kids would ahve sand to play in.
Elizabeth in her favorite jacket and her makeshift wading pool that Bryan dug her.

Andy and I think Evan? Or Remi? Not sure.
 Sunday morning we woke up and Mom made some awesome pancakes and bacon for all the great father's who were there. Elizabeth got to help and her cousins Chloe and Remi joined in too.

 After a great weekend at Bear Lake, we headed to Logan so Bryan could go to his workshop. While he was working Elizabeth and I visited family and friends and played at the park. Our last day in Logan before we headed out we went to the park with some friends. Well first we ended up at a different park but it was ok because there was a splash pad there for Elizabeth to get absolutely soaking wet in.

These were her favorite sprinklers.

Showing off how wet she got.
 We ended up at a great park called Ryan's Place Park that was built a few years ago. It was an awesome area for toddlers and everything was just the right size for Elizabeth to play in.

Our friends Nate and Vicki and their CUTE baby Josselyn met us there.

Elizabeth borrowed Josselyn's sunglasses and now she thinks she needs a pair. What a Diva.

After eating lunch with Nate and Vicki at one of our favorite spots, we headed to Star Valley to visit Bryan's Grandma and Grandpa Heiner.
Elizabeth loved the tractors.

Our little blondie. Her hair just keeps getting more blonde the more summer she enjoys.

She loved the four wheeler too.
 There is something wonderful about Star Valley. I have loved it since the first time we went to cut hay when Bryan and I were dating. Elizabeth obviously felt the same way. She had a hard time sleeping the whole trip until we went to Star Valley and loved Great Grandma and Grandpa Heiner from the minute we got there.
She and Grandma 'ock-byed' over and over and over. It was so fun to watch her.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Shed: From junk heap to Organized

A few weekends ago was our Father's and Son's campout in our ward. Bryan had been gone the whole week before and I wasn't thrilled about him going when he doesn't have a son he can take with him, yet. I told him he could decide and he decided to stay home with us. Since he was going to be home we had to make it worth it so we cleaned out the shed.
I forgot to get a picture of the mess that was our shed before we started to clean it out. It had become a dump and run spot for everything.
 After we got everything out of the shed, Bryan decided he wanted to take the floor out and fix it so it wasn't all wonky.
Elizabeth helping him take out all the screws.

Aren't they cute in their matching overalls (Thanks Lisa).

More helping.

Elizabeth need a snack break in the middle.

The shed with all the floor taken out. We had a skunk living underneath it last year and when we took the floor out you could see exactly where he burrowed in.
 After a LONG day we finally got the shed, and house put back together. This is what it ended up looking like after we invested in some shelving and some bins for better storage.

Almost all of those bins with labels are Elizabeth's clothes. Thanks to everyone who has given us so many.