Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh It's a Jolly Holiday with Mary

Mary Poppins, that is.
This Saturday was our ward Halloween party. I don't know if yo know this about me but I LOVE HALLOWEEN. Not the gory bloody zombies and creepy things but the fact that we all dress up and it's totally normal. That for once everyone loves pumpkins as much as I do, or at least they pretend to, and we all give candy freely to one another. This year I wanted to do another family theme so we did Mary Poppins, Bert and one of the cute little penguins in the chalk painting. I made Bryan's jacket, hat and bowtie and Elizabeth's costume and then cut off a wedding dress for my costume and added a sash.

The whole group.

Striking a pose

Dancing away

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We also had a trunk or treat and our cool friends Tanner and Amber were here so they helped us out on that front. Amber decorated the trunk like a creepy swamp creature.

The penguin imitating the creepy swamp creature.

Oh wait! Is that a candy bar from the swamp creature?

Watch out it will grab you! The monster expects a hand to eat in exchange for the candy.

Amber and Tanner doing their swamply duty. The kids loved it but a few weren't sure about taking candy from a monster.


  1. Loved it! you have such a fun and cute family.

  2. You guys are so cute! I love your halloween costumes! Where did you find that dress? It's beautiful

  3. I love your costumes, you all look so cute!

  4. LOVE it! Claire's favorite movie is Mary Poppins! So impressed with the things you make, Breea!

  5. Oh my goodness your costumes are so cute!! (sorry Bryan) You are so creative!! Wow!

  6. AMAZING. You look so much like MP!! And you did a great job with everyone's costumes.

  7. ok, seriously, cutest family costume ever!!

  8. This is SO SO awesome, Breea! You guys look fantastic!! And I'm way impressed with your swamp creature trunk, too.