Thursday, September 22, 2011

Loves the Mirrors

Here are some videos of E playing with herself in front of the mirror.

More Video

Another Video of E doing her thing.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

9 Months & Watch Me Grow

Elizabeth is 9 months this week so I wanted to write about what she is up to lately.
-She wakes me up every morning by rattling her binky against the rails of her crib, you know, like prisoners do in movies for food. When she loosens her grip and it slides through the cracks then it's time to really get up.
-She nurses for a while then we get her dressed and feed her a little something. She loves food. There has not been anything we have put in front of her that she has not completely downed. She does have some favorites though, she loves pears, cheese and oatmeal.
-We go on a walk or a run every morning and she LOVES THIS. We walk with our friends Lisa, Lyndsey and her boys Everest and Adler and sometimes Niki and Easton and Demi. Whenever she sees Miss Lisa she squeals, she has loved her from the very beginning. She also loves all other kids, so she is happy to get in the stroller every morning
-She loves to swing in the park. Lately we have been stopping on the way home from running and she will swing for a little while, so I can catch my breath and then we run the rest of the way home.
-When we get home we play for a little while and then she goes down for a nap. This nap used to be 1 1/2-2 hours but all of a sudden she is waking up after 1 hour ready to play. She is always happy so I guess it's ok if she doesn't sleep as long as she stays happy.
-We eat lunch together and then play some more. She is rolling all over the place but not too interested it crawling, which makes my life a lot easier. This week she has started to army crawl and roll a lot more, it has been fun to watch her progress, but scary to have a mobile baby.
-She is happy. Simple and pure she is so happy and such a joy to be around.
-She is still happiest outside. She would stay outside all day if we could. I am sad that the weather is turning colder so we won't be able to be outside as much.
-Every night after dinner she gets in the bath and loves it. She has just discovered the shower head and likes it when we spray her with it. She always tries to grab the water that is pouring out of the cup or the faucet or the shower head. Her baths usually last 1/2 an hour because she loves them so much.


This might be my new favorite picture of her.

Typical hair day
She loves her daddy.

She loves me more ; )

I'm a big girl in a big chair
Bigger than the bunny
Look at that big girl hair

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The BIG (or not so big depending on which leg you ran) Race

Over Labor Day weekend I ran a marathon relay with a couple of my friends. There were 4 legs that went at follows:
6.75- Heather Bird
8.25- Jessica Chariton
6.75- Niki Sander
4.25- Breea Heiner
Everyone did really great and got good times on their portion of the race. We finished in 4 hours and 23 minutes, which was pretty good, although I ran a little slower than I wanted. It was only my second race experience and I think I might want to do a race a year from now on. 
One cool thing that happened that I don't know if it was just this race or if this is always the case was that there were certain checkpoints where they had volunteers holding lists of numbers and peoples' names next to it so they would see your number on your shirt and as you ran by would say, "Great job Breea, keep going". I loved that because it really made me want to run even harder.
This is me waiting for my leg of the race.

Cheering on some other runners

Trying to get away from the camera.

Elizabeth just hangin out.

Niki's son Easton, and one of my biggest fans. ;)

Bryan took the picture upside down, whoops

The exchange

Right after I finished.

The whole family.

Me, Niki, Heather

Niki, Heather, Me, Jess

Easton eating his 'cupcake' which was really a mini muffin, but sh don't tell him that.

Our team name was Mormom Moms and these next two pictures capture that perfectly. We had 7 kids between the 4 of us.

Easton playing in my trunk after the race.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Movin' On

Me and E, Becky and Amelia, Lisa, Jenn and Miles (they moved today), Julie
One of my dearest friends moved today. She drove to the airport with the kids and her husband drove away with all their stuff. He packed the truck full of the toys that she often let Elizabeth play with. He packed the couches that I spent many hours on, just hanging out and talking. He packed the books that her daughter loved to ask me to read. And  he packed the basketball hoop that you could see from the main road and know that they were home and playing.

I've known this was coming for a while, almost a month and a half, but it wasn't real until today. Today when I drove by and the garage door was closed, the basketball hoop gone, and all of the kids missing from the yard. Today when I thought of going on a walk just to say one last goodbye and realized they were already gone. Today when I saw our other friend Lanita and we read each other's thoughts and broke down in tears.

 I shed a few tears before, but today I really cried because I am sad to see her go and will miss her and her beautiful family. I know that this will be a great thing for their family, but it wasn't such a great thing for me and that's mostly what I care about today. Maybe next week I will write her an e-mail and tell her how happy I am for her and ask how things are going, but today I might just cry a little more.

I just have to remember how grateful I am for modern technology so we can keep in touch and I can still have a dear friend, just miles and miles and miles away in Indiana.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dresser Re-do

Bryan had this dresser when we got married that was pretty awful. It was a DI special and had belonged to a little boy (or little girl, I'm not sexist) who REALLY REALLY REALLY love NASA and astronauts and space! There were probably close to 20 space/NASA/astronaut related stickers on the dresser and a few spots where there used to be stickers. Needless to say, it has never been my favorite piece of furniture, but since it would be silly for Bryan to make himself a dresser for Christmas and we are both too cheap to buy a new one we have lived with it.

The other night we were laying on the bed and Bryan said, "That dresser is REALLY ugly. I am thinking about painting it, maybe black"
But with my love of color and our bedspread being green and white, I convinced him to paint it GREEN!

This is the before of the top drawer

Before of the other drawers, sans the stickers, all of the darker/really sanded spots are where the stickers were

Dresser Body

TA DA! Isn't she a beauty?

I am really loving this addition to our bedroom.

Friday, September 2, 2011

She loves gramma's scary jumper



Today is one of those days when I am aching for a sisters day. I am not being greedy, I don't have to have them all, though that would be nice, just one or two for lunch, or to help me pick out fabric to cover some canvases or paint a dresser. I am just thankful that I am so lucky to have so many amazing sisters that I want to spend time with them. If any of my sisters feels so inclined I would love to see you soon ;)