Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010



Thanks for getting me medicine for the yucky white growth that was occurring in my mouth on Christmas Day. I fee so much better now.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Thanks for the bunny Janelle, Mark and Paige.


Thanks for the cute outfit Grandma Heiner!
Thanks for the awesome changing table Grandpa Heiner (and others who helped)! The trip from Utah was totally worth it after seeing this picture eh? 600 miles with a wind break! you guys rock.
Jaundice requires sun bathing and Elizabeth LOVES IT.
Stretching out in the sun with Dad.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thanks MOM!

Thanks Mom Heiner for the flowers and the cute baby outfit! We all love them. For some reason the flows came equipped with a leopard skin bag with toddler leggings and a chocolate Christmas Santa. We love you mom!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

First Doctor's Visit

We had our first doctor's appointment today and Elizabeth was SO excited to go see her new pediatrician.
The made mom be the bad guy and take off all her clothes before the doctor came in.
The report was good. Her weight went down to 4 lb 12 oz, but the doctor said that for a baby as small as she is that much weight loss isn't bad at all.
They said she is strong and feisty and is doing just great. They are still a little worried about her jaundice but are just going to keep an eye on it.

We tried out the bouncer and she was a fan.
She was sqeaking and waking us up so much last night that the doctor said to try to put her in her crib to sleep during the day to teach her to sleep on her own and that it might help her not to squeal so much at night. We almost woke her up we were laughing so hard at the sight of her in the crib.

Coming Home!

We got to come home on Friday. Elizabeth's jaundice cleared up enough that they sent us home without a Bilibed and just told us to schedule an appointment with the doctor for Saturday.

Mommy and Elizabeth catchin' some last few z's.Even though it doesn't look like it in the picture Breea really was excited to be going home.
Elizabeth all ready to go. This is the outfit Breea made last minute for her, she took in the pattern 2 inches on each side and it still drowns her.
One of our friends works at the hospital as a CNA and took great care of us while we were there. She and Breea were talking about how Elizabeth needed a bow to wear home from the hospital (not that she doesn't have a bunch, thanks Aunt Abby and Aunt Virginia) but her head needed a hat. So 20 minutes later Sarah walked in with an improv hat/bow.
And we finally made it home. We were supposed to be out of the hospital at 2, but didn't make it home until around 4:30.
We are so happy to have our little lizard home.

Last Day in the Hospital

Our last day and half in the hospital, Elizabeth had to spend most of her time on the Bilibed to combat her jaundice. She wasn't a huge fan because she couldn't be swaddled or eat her fists while she was in there because the sleeves were too long....just like all the other sleeves.

She was so happy to get out of the Bilibed.

This picture is per request of my Abby, Breea's sister who wanted to see how Elizabeth stacks up to her dad....she's got a LONG ways to go.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Elizabeth May - Day 2 Pictures

Our precious Elizabeth May Day 2

5 lb 1.8 oz
18.5" long

Favorite things to do:
Sleep (especially when needing to breast feed), Squeak, Poop, Pee (on dad) and Eat (formula from bottle)

Least Favorite things to do:
Diaper Change, Baths, Cold (Wipes, Hands, Stethoscope, Thermometers), Let mom Sleep.

Moms Favorite things:
Everything about Elizabeth, Endless Ice Packs, Crushed Ice Machine, Someone telling me everything is okay with Elizabeth.

Moms Least Favorite things:
no comment

Dads Favorite things:
Being a dad

Dads Least Favorite things:
Sleeping @ the hospital on the bed w/out the gel topper

Wednesday, December 15, 2010