Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Casltewood Canyon State Park

So the last time we posted about a hike it involved this same state park only more slush and puddles. We decided to give this state park another try, mostly because Bryan wanted to see the dam ruins that are in the state park. We went on a hike and saw some beautiful country, the dam, and met a really nice man with even nicer dogs.

This is what we initially thought was the dam ruin and we were rather disappointed that we were hiking to see a post.

This is the actual dam ruin. The dam was built by the Bureau of Reclamation in the 1890's and burst in 1933 causing a flood that reached all the way to downtown Denver.

This is me after I saw a snake on the trail. Unfortunately I have have discovered a new fear of snakes here in Colorado, mostly because they come out from nowhere.

This is just a picture of the view from the hike.

This is cute Bryan on top of the dam.
And yes, we did get rained on, but only a little bit. I think it's just part of this area of Colorado, that it rains in the late afternoon and early evening.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Idaho Roots

I never thought that I would say it....but......I am happy to have Idaho roots. I'm feeling a little nostalgia today and I am grateful that I grew up in Idaho. There is a man in the community that I work in who grew up farming for his uncle in Carey, Idaho during the summers and spent the rest of his life in Boise. It's so nice to talk about Idaho and have someone to talk to about it. So here's my tribute to that great, though sometimes quirky, state. Hooray for Idaho.

I wish I could say I took this picture myself, but I found it on the internet, but it is a picture of the Sawtooth Mountains near Stanley, Idaho where I spent many summer days as a kid.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Largest Apple Fritter Ever

There is a doughnut and bakery by our house that is always SLAMMED with people. This morning I decided to check it out. Below are some photos of the biggest apple fritter I have ever seen. Unfortunately I will never be visiting this bakery again because although they had the biggest doughnuts ever, they were not the best tasting. A matter of fact they were not very tasty at all. And to make matters worse they were super expensive. Dumb not good doughnut and bakery shop that is always packed with people to make you think that it will be good.

Roxborough State Park

When we first got to Colorado I insisted that we buy a Colorado State Park Pass.  They are $50/year which is way better than $10/time, as a result I am on a quest to visit all the state parks to determine which if any are worth visiting.  Last night I got home early from work and we decided to head off to Roxborough State park.  Beautiful red rock sandstone formations in the middle of lush green forests and meadows.
At the start of the hike we choose there was this sign.  From which Breea goes UGH I HATE SNAKES! But she bravely overcame here fears and we headed on.
 We reached the highest point in hike at "lyons lookout" named for the frequent sightings for mountain lions.  Unfortunately we were unable to see any on our trip.  We did however find this little house that Breea leaned against, and I smashed with my hand.  Okay, so it really wasn't that small but it was a small homestead that was occupied over 100 years ago.
On the return loop of the hike we ran into Bambie's girlfriend.  She was just chill'n in the thicket right by the trail.  To end the hike off it decided to rain.  I mean really rain here is a short video of the thunder and rain that got us both SOAKING WET. video