Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pickin' up the ladies...

Bryan and I went and played racquet ball with our friends Joey and Emily last night for family home evening. Bryan played Joey and I played Emily. Emily and I were in our second game when two shirtless guys leaned over the top of the court and asked if we wanted to play doubles. Emily and I both did a double take and then answered, "No, probably not, because if we did want to play doubles we would play with our husbands in the court over there." They slunked away sheepishly and we finished our game. We went to check in on Bryan and Joey and realized that the two guys who had tried to pick up on us, were playing with Bryan and Joey. Emily and I both ended up rolling on the floor laughing. Don't worry that we made sure to say hi to all the boys when we checked in on them.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bear Lake Glass

We went water skiing at bear lake one night. My friend Joey told me that the lake was going to glass and we should go. To all of our surprise the lake was glass, no ripples or other boats until we got on the water. Here a few highlights from the trip

Nick took a hard face plant,


and became incredibly red in the face.

Joey cleared the wake then...


wanting to do it again took a face plant,


Breea did some cool jumps also...
and I got the grouchy face because I didn't get her on video

In the end it was great fun with good company and I think for the first time I can actually say the lake was good for boating.

Swinging Like Monkeys

A few weeks ago Tanner and Amber invited us to go swinging from trees like monkeys. Jeff climbed a way high tree in Willow Park and secured a climbing rope from an over hanging branch. All that wanted could then put on a climbing harness climb another high branch and then jump like a monkey or Tarzan from the tree. It looked way fun, Unfortunate I wasn't able to participate as the rope was a bit low to the ground. Considering that Tanner, Amber and Breea all whom weigh a fraction of myself almost hit the ground I was determined that it would end badly had I decided to jump.
video video


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Irreverant thoughts in Sunday School

Yeah, generally that's what happens in Sunday School.

So we had the lesson on celestial marriage for the second time this week (we've officially re-learned the lesson about attending your own ward) in Sunday School. The teacher really did a great job at directing the discussion (at least if you ask me, if you ask Bryan you might get a different answer) and covered everything that was pertinent.

Something that she missed, however, was that in the blessings section of the lesson we probably should have talked about how if you make it to the highest exaltation you get to be in charge of angels. I saw it and pointed out to Bryan that when we make it (I don't like to think that it's an if) we are going to have our very own Logan B&B angel possy.

Bryan: "Can we have an angel skinhead possy?"
Me: "Uh...yeah...I think we could work that out, but we may have to think on it."

So in case you're wondering, we missed the part about working to keep your marriage strong and skipped straight to the angel possy.

I did say when we make it, right?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Short Hair Jealousy

Yeah, that's right I'm jealous of you Nicole! See Nicole's blog for details.
I have been growing my hair out for what seems like FOREVER (say that slowly in a deep voice to get the full meaning). Really only since February, but only because some lady thought it would be good to chop it all off last October and I had to start all over again with a new stylist and a new do that would be easier to grow out. Phew...sorry for that tangent, apparently I still have some bottled up anger about that.

Anyway, mostly I have really enjoyed growing my hair out because it's fun to see what it can do.....til now. I am officially at the awkward, not-long-enough-to-go-in-a-ponytail-everyday-but-not-short-enough-to-actually-be-styled stage. (Yes, boys this is actually a stage, ask your girlfriend/sister/wife/mother they will tell you) I am avoiding my AMAZING stylist because I fear what I will tell her to do, and what I will have to come home to afterward (Just in case you don't know my hair is probably the number one thing Bryan and I fight about...ever.....really). So I'm just in the awkward stages and having jealous fits over every other girl I see with cute short hair.

That is all.