Sunday, May 31, 2009

Let's go fly a kite...

Lately, Bryan has been nearly obsessed with flying kites. It all started when we went to St. George and we got kites from the dollar store and flew them in a big field. We brought them home, but have been pretty unsuccessful in getting our kites of the ground. Sometimes there is no wind, sometimes there is too much wind, other times it's perfect until we get to an open field then there's no wind. It has caused some major frustration in our house, until Bryan devised a way around the wind (It pays to be married to an engineer). Below is our recipe for success

1 Dollar store kite, preferrable with some crazy cartoon drawing that resembles a superhero but doesn't quite make it
1 Bicycle
1 innocent bystander
1 long stretch of pavement, preferably clear of tees
Assemble dollar store kite. Attach the end of the string to your bike seat. Move your bike onto the pavement. While the innocent bystander holds your kite begin pedaling your wheels. Ta Da! You have beat mother nature!

WARNING: Beware of trees! Trees are still part of mother nature so remember you can beat her at some things, but the trees are still on her side.