Monday, August 1, 2016

Girl's Camp 2015

In June 2015 I had the awesome opportunity to spend a week with some of my favorite girls and leaders. We were able to do a ward girls camp and had an amazing turnout and fantastic week. We stayed at a lodge in the Red Feather Lakes region just north of Fort Collins. We got to go on a hike, do team building and go rock climbing with our bishop. We were also spiritually fed each night with devotionals, and a final testimony meeting.

Bottom: Elsa Baumgarten, Madison Patten, Juli Sandberg, Angelica Vant, ValerieGarrett, Emily Garrett, Mimi Abram, Kristen Cottle, Isabel Smith,Lainey Crystal , Bella Abram, Kristen Smith, Sierra Valentine, Olivia Leishman, Alyssa Gardella, Ashley, Emi, Tessa Barlow, Emma Leishman. Top: Abi Turner, Aspen, Madi Poll, Renesh Heaps, Rashna Heaps,  , Ryann Anderton, Samantha, Melissa Vant, Madi Vollmer, Abi Leishman, Emily Cottle

The Lake we hiked to

a Few of the girls on a giant rock formation we bouldered to the top of

Me and Bella

Me and Tessa

Me and Madisen Patton
I can't tell you what a great week this was. I pulled plenty of pranks on the poor girls ( I don't think they had any idea, they all blamed the YCLs). I sewed their sleeping bags shut, put fake bugs in their rooms, and silly stringed them with the other adults. We also had an older sister almost convince her younger sister she was was a little sad. The best part about girls camp was watching the girls feel the spirit in a way that they may not have before.

Amelia turned 1 (2015)

Amelia turned one. We celebrated by inviting a few family friends over and spoiling her of course. she has been the most amazing addition to our family. Bryan and I both commented that we couldn't imagine not having her around. She is mellow and easy to laugh, loves to climb and challenge herself constantly.

Her bear birthday cake

At her one year check up

Sunday, July 31, 2016

4th of July 2015

Fourthof July was a bit of an adventure. We went to our ward pancake breakfast and of course the kids had matching outfits.

Then we were headed to our friend Brent's ranch to help him with some work and to hang out. On the way we got a call from a dealership letting us know that a car we were interested in was still available. We had been looking for a new van because ours was on the way out and kept having problems. We went to look at the van and since it was EXACTLY what we wanted we spent a large portion of our 4th at the dealership buying a car. There were several tender mercies that happened along with buying our new blue van. Namely, it was hail damaged so it was a reduced price but they ended up fixing the hail damage, it was the color we had admired at another dealership, and the guy who helped us with the financing ended up being one of Bryan's dad's former students so he gave us the friends and family discount on our warranty and care package. Then we drove up to spend the day with Brent and Cindy and had a blast at the ranch. Bryan helped Brent, while the kids and I hung out with Cindy and the dogs.

We ended up getting to watch some of the fireworks as we drove back into Denver after dark. Elizabeth was a little sad we didn't watch a big show so Bryan took the kids and let them each pick out a firework and we shot them off the next day.

Friday, August 21, 2015

A few random pictures from everyday life

Oliver's 'new' trucks he got at from the neighbor's garage sale. They didn't sell them so he bought them for some of his 'pennies'

Not to self, don't leave that cupboard open.........

Amelia BEGGING to go outside.....Then yelling at the big kids for being outside without her.

First pic of what I am sure will be many to come of these two sisters playing together.

Father's and Sons

Every June our ward does a father's and son's campout. All the dads with boys take their sons camping and get dirty and play with fire (or so I am told, I have never been).

Bryan took Oliver straigh from work around lunch time. Oliver was really confused as to why Elizabeth wasn't coming camping and asked Bryan to come home a couple times.
An illustration of boys playing with fire.

Oliver tried to go to sleep really early....but didn't end up sleeping.

Later when he did go to sleep he left his headlamp on for a night light

The coma produced by not enough sleep, too much junk food and the right amount of fun.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Once there was a Snowman

We got dumped on Mother's day morning and  had enough to make a giant snowman.

Poor guy melted into a puddle within a day.


Our friends cut down our tree for us and as a family for family home evening we chopped and stacked the wood. The kids were in charge of the small sticks and mom and dad handled the big stuff.

We asked Oliver to go in the house and get his shoes.... and Bryan caught him coming out in Bryan's shoes......
from the back

Oh, that face!

How gorgeous are these babies of mine? Oh and look at that stack of wood back there